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Part 5. Financial Services

Section II. Business Office

C. Public Access to University Financial Records

1. Statutory Requirements

Idaho Code 59-1011 states that Idaho State University, as a state agency, must make available for public examination the financial records of the University records, and if requested, provide a copy of such records for which a fee may be charged.

2. Policy

Subject to the exclusions identified in the definition below, University financial records may be reviewed by the general public. Requests may be made for copies of any desired records, with noted exceptions, upon payment of a 50 cent per copy fee.

3. Definition of Financial Records

University financial records include any statements or documents produced for or by the University. These records include, but are not limited to, those maintained by the Accounting Office, Department of Purchasing Services, Budget Office, the auxiliary enterprises and local service operations.

Not included are any documents considered student financial records that are protected from review by the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act of 1976 (Buckley Amendment). Personnel records relating to mandatory or voluntary deductions from gross salaries of individuals will not be released, unless authorized.

4. Procedure

All requests to review and copy University financial records must be made through the Financial Vice President. The request must include specific account(s) and/or document(s) to be reviewed. To ensure that the documents are not altered, the review must be done in the presence of a University employee. However, the individual can make notes from the documents.

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