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Part 5. Financial Services

Section 5. Records Management

A. University Record Management Program (Updated 4/04)

1. Background

Idaho Code, § 67-5752, establishes the authority and responsibility of the Idaho Department of Administration to establish a statewide records management program. The Code establishes the Records Management Guide, authored by Department of Administration, as the administrative document outlining the records management requirements of Idaho state agencies. This Guide directs state agencies to establish centralized records management programs. As the agency responsible for the administration of higher education in Idaho, the State Board of Education (SBoE) has formulated a set of records retention schedules, including a program management guide, specifically for higher education. These documents, originally published in January 2001, remain in force as the directives for records management at the colleges and universities falling under the SBoE. Current revisions are available on the Office of the SBoE website.
NOTE: The SBoE Records Retention Schedule is the baseline for records management. This will remain in effect until each university establishes
· its own records program,
· performs an internal records survey,
· prepares an institution-specific records retention schedule, submitted for SBoE review, and
· has the Board's approval of the document.

2. Idaho State University Program

As outlined in the SBoE Records Management Guide, the University President has established the University Records Manager position to coordinate the development and maintenance of the University Records Management Program. A Records Management Advisory Committee has been established to provide program oversight and advice for the Records Manager. The Committee members also serve as liaisons between their sections and the Records Manager. See Part 2. Organization, Section II. Institutional Governance, E. The University Council System, 4. Committees Reporting Directly to the President, l. University Records Management Advisory Committee

3. Records Program Implementation

A University-wide physical inventory of records will be performed working with appropriate staff trained for the task (Records Coordinator). Retention Schedules will be drafted, reviewed, and approved by the Records Management Advisory Committee. Following RMAC approval, and approval by General Counsel, the compiled Retention Schedule document will then be submitted to the University President for submission to the SBoE for final approval. Additions and deletions to the Faculty/Staff Handbook will be made as these Program documents are created.

Records Destruction Moratorium - All current records access, retrieval, storage and filing methods remain in force, until revised. There is a moratorium on the destruction of records until the approval of the retention schedules by the SBoE. Destruction approval must be requested from the University Records Manager during the interim period. This moratorium shall continue until the SBoE approves of the ISU-specific Retention Schedule document. Following its approval, department managers, Deans, and senior management shall have authority to approve destruction with proper documentation (See Records Management Program website).

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