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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section I. Business Office

B. Full-time Students

For fee and tuition purposes, a “full-time student” means any student carrying eight or more hours for credit or audit and graduate students on full appointments (instructional and graduate assistants), regardless of the number of credits for which they are registered.

1. Student Body Officers and Appointees

For fee and tuition purposes, the president, vice president, and senators of the associate student government are considered full-time students and pay full-time student fees when carrying at least the following credit loads: (a) president, three credits, and (b) vice president, senators, and Program Board members, eight credits.

2. Editors

Editors of student-published newspapers are recognized as full-time students when carrying a three-credit load, and associate editors are recognized as full-time students when carrying a six-credit load, and are required to pay full-time student fees.

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