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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section II. Catalog/Statements

Catalogs, class and fee schedules, etc., are not to be considered as binding contracts between Idaho State University and students. The University and its divisions reserve the right at any time, without advance notice, to:

(a) withdraw or cancel classes, courses, and programs;

(b) change fee schedules;

(c) change the academic calendar;

(d) change admission and registration requirements;

(e) change regulations and requirements governing instruction in, and graduation from, the University and its various divisions; and

(f) change any other regulations affecting students.

Changes shall go into force whenever the proper authorities so determine, and shall apply not only to prospective students but also to those who are matriculated at the time in the University. When economic and other conditions permit, the University tries to provide advance notice of such changes. In particular, when an instructional program is to be withdrawn, the University will make every reasonable effort to ensure that students who are within two years of completing the graduation requirements, and who are making normal progress toward the completion of those requirements, will have the opportunity to complete the program which is to be withdrawn.

No employee, agent or representative of the University may make representations to, or enter into any agreement with, or act toward any student or person in any manner which is not in conformity with Board Governing Policies and Procedures or the policies and procedures of the University.

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