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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section III. Student Finances

A. Financial Aid

1. General

Financial aid is help for meeting college costs: both direct educational costs (such as tuition, fees, books, etc.) and personal living expenses (such as food, housing, and transportation). While the majority of ISU students rely upon student assistance programs which are managed by the Financial Aid Office and whose source of funds are from the Federal and State governments, there are financial assistance programs administered by various departments within the University.

2. Financial Aid Office

A list of the major financial aid programs is available through the Financial Aid Office.

3. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form is the form a student and his/her family need to complete in order to apply for financial assistance through the Financial Aid Office at Idaho State University. A different version of the FAFSA is available each year through the Financial Aid Office and/or high school guidance counselors.

Students can file a Financial Aid Form in January for the subsequent summer session and/or school year.

4. Financial Aid Counseling

Financial aid counselors are available to discuss studentsí concerns related to financial aid. The Financial Aid staff will describe the types of financial assistance available and assist students with the application procedures. Financial aid counselors can also assist students in determining the cost of attendance, managing money while in school, and in identifying the alternative sources of funding.

5. Requirements

Students must meet certain conditions in order to receive Federal financial assistance through the University. The general conditions include the following:

a. demonstrated financial need

b. admission and enrollment in a course of study which leads to a degree or certificate

c. enrollment on at least a half-time basis, as defined by Federal regulations

d. maintain satisfactory academic progress

e. be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen

f. not owe a refund or repayment on Title IV grants or be in default or delinquent on Title IV loans

For more information on these programs, contact the Financial Aid Office.

6. Other Sources of Financial Aid

A significant number of students receive other financial assistance at ISU. It is not unusual to find students who receive assistance from a variety of funding sources, e.g. Pell Grant plus an ISU Freshman Scholarship, plus part-time employment. These forms of financial assistance programs are administered by various departments. The following list identifies the types of financial funding available and the University office to contact for further information. (If you write to any of the departments listed below, include the box number, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho 83209-0009.)

a. Athletic grants-in-aid:

Director of Athletics, Holt Arena, Box 8173.

b. Employment:

(Part-time or temporary) Student Employment Office, Museum of Natural History 440, Box 8309.

Work Study

(Federally-funded), Student Employment Office, Museum of Natural History 440, Box 8309.

c. Foreign students:

(Continuing foreign students short-term loans and foreign student tuition waivers)

Student Affairs Office, Hypostyle 384, Box 8123.

d. Graduate student assistantships, fellowships:

Chairperson, graduate studentís major department.

e. Grants:

Athletic Grants-in-aid

Director of Athletics. Federal or State funded, Financial Aid Office.

f. Loans:

Academic students, short-term, Financial Aid Office.

Federal or State funded, Financial Aid Office.

Foreign students short-term, Student Affairs Office.

Technology students short-term, CTech Student Services Office, Annex, RFC Building.

g. Non-Resident Tuition Waivers:

Registrarís Office, Box 8196.

h. Service Awards:

Chairperson, respective department, e.g. music, speech and drama, etc.

i. Scholarships:

Athletic, Director of Athletics.

For continuing CTech students, CTech Student Services Office.

For entering freshman students (Applied Tech or academic), Student Affairs Office or Applied Tech Student Services Office.

For entering Idaho junior college transfers, Student Affairs Office.

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