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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section III. Student Finances

B. Scholarships

The majority of scholarships at ISU are administered by the Scholarship Office, with the assistance of the University Scholarship and the Freshman Scholarship Committees. Scholarship funds are made possible through student fees, the generosity of individuals, and contributions of business, labor, fraternal and professional organizations.

Many scholarships require that the applicant have completed one semesterís or yearís enrollment at ISU; scholarship criteria may include other focuses (i.e., a minimum grade point average and/or financial need). Scholarship announcements, including criteria and application deadline information, are regularly distributed by the Scholarship Office to campus departments and the student newspaper. Any scholarship announcement originating from, or received by, the Office of Student Affairs is posted on the Scholarship Bulletin Board located in the Hypostyle across the hall from the Student Affairs/Scholarship Office. Individuals seeking information on scholarships should contact the Associate Dean of Students for Scholarships in the Student Affairs Office.

Non-resident tuition waivers (NRTW) are available to qualified students who demonstrate financial need (inquiries should be addressed to the ISU Financial Aid Office), to students who have demonstrated strong academic ability, and to residents of Washington and Utah. Contact the Registrarís Office for scholar-related NRTW or Washington/Utah reciprocity NRTW information and applications.

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