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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section IV. Classroom

L. Procedure for Response to Death of a Student

Unfortunately, Idaho State University may lose a student because of an untimely death. The University does not want to contribute to the complications involved with a death by sending survivors notices for collection of financial aid, library fines, parking tickets, and requests for payment of unpaid fees. In addition, we want to prevent sending unsatisfactory grade reports, enrollment and recruitment materials, and follow-up questionnaires to the home of the deceased student.

We desire that all University employees with whom the family communicates be, of course, empathetic. When the family makes contact with someone on campus, we desire that our employee express condolence and go the extra mile for the family. The Registrar should then be notified. The Registrar will then notify the following offices:

Academic College and/or Graduate School

Admissions Office

Alumni Office

Computer Center

Counseling and Testing Center

Dental Hygiene

Development Office

Enrollment Management

Financial Aid

Financial Services

Health Center



Placement Office

Public Safety

Registration and Records

Scholarship Office

Dean of Student Affairs

Applied Tech Student Services

Student Union/ASISU

University Relations (News & Notes Newsletter)

The same reporting procedure is in effect whether the student is a current or former student.

The list of offices which should be notified may seem long, however, any of these offices could have had contact with or may have reason to contact the student. Also, some of the offices may want to acknowledge the passing of the student. We want these offices to be informed of a death of a student so that appropriate action can be taken within that office.

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