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Department of Political Science

Doctor of Arts (D.A.)

Doctor of Arts in Political Science

This program is intended for students interested in a career teaching political science in a variety of higher education settings ranging from community colleges to universities. Doctor of Arts recipients are prepared to teach a variety of political science courses including those in American politics and in two additional specialties selected from among the fields of public law, political theory, comparative and international politics, and public administration.

The D.A. program has many benefits. Click here to learn more about the usefulness of the Doctor of Arts Degree and ISU's success in placing D.A. graduates.

Doctor of Arts students will have three interdisciplinary options to choose from. For all doctoral students, the major field of American politics is required and any two of the following fields: Public Law, Political Theory, Comparative/International Politics, and Public Administration.

Please view the complete program description of the Doctor of Arts in Political Science at Idaho State University.

An advisory committee has been created to assist students in developing a curriculum that reflects their individual needs. The program phone number is (208) 282-2211, Stop 8073.

For information about the DA program, contact director Dr. Wayne Gabardi.

Please visit the political science section of the Idaho State graduate catalog for more specific information on teachers, classes, and program requirements.

Graduate Students

Graduates and Placements

DA Graduate Director:

Dr. Wayne Gabardi
Graveley Hall, North Wing, 308
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Fax: 208-282-4833
Email: gabawayn@isu.edu

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