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Department of Political Science

Graduate Studies

Description of the Degrees Offered

graduate studentsGraduate Education at ISU

The Department of Political Science offers three main graduate degrees:

An advisory committee has been created to assist students in developing a curriculum that reflects their individual needs. The program phone number is (208) 282-2211, Stop 8073.

Please visit the political science section of the Idaho State graduate catalog for more specific information on teachers, classes, and program requirements.

Graduate Students

Graduates and Placements

Doctor of Arts in Political Science

This program is intended for students interested in a career teaching political science in a variety of higher education settings ranging from community colleges to universities. Doctor of Arts recipients are prepared to teach a variety of political science courses including those in American politics and in two additional specialties selected from among the fields of public law, political theory, comparative and international politics, and public administration.

Doctor of Arts students will have three interdisciplinary options to choose from. For all doctoral students, the major field of American politics is required and any two of the following fields: Public Law, Political Theory, Comparative/International Politics, and Public Administration.

The D.A. program has many benefits. Click here to learn more about the usefulness of the Doctor of Arts Degree and ISU's success in placing D.A. graduates.

Master of Arts in Political Science

The mission of the Master of Arts (MA) program is to prepare students for future graduate study in political science by helping them develop knowledge and skills in political science and research methodology. This program emphasizes general preparation in political science and research.

Areas of emphasis in the M.A. program are focused on the research nature of the degree, including American governmental institutions and political behavior, public law, political theory, public administration and comparative politics, and international politics. M.A. students are required to present themselves for comprehensive examination on their thesis and/or in two of the five areas of emphasis mentioned previously.

Thesis and non-thesis options are available. Thesis requirements include a comprehensive oral examination that covers the student's graduate course work and the literature in two subfields, and the M.A. thesis.

Master of Public Administration

The Master in Public Administration degree is an inter-university cooperative graduate program offered jointly by Boise State University, Idaho State University, and the University of Idaho. The purpose of the program is to provide present and prospective public administrators with the basic intellectual preparation necessary to understand and to adjust to a changing and challenging environment, through an introduction to the theories and practices of administration, management and social science research as these relate to effective performance in public organizations.

All students must take 27 credit hours of core area courses and 12 credits in a variety of specialized areas. Some of the topics included are State, Local, and Non-Profit Administration, Environmental Administration, Public Health Administration, American Politics, Political Analysis, and International Politics.

Graduate Directors:

For information about the MPA program, contact Mark McBeth.

The DA and MA programs are directed by Dr. Wayne Gabardi. His office can be found in Graveley Hall, North Wing, 308. Phone number 208-282-4536. For information about the DA and MA programs, email Dr. Gabardi.

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