Letter from the President

May 20, 2008

Dear Friend of Idaho State University:

One day last week, ISU - Boise student Dawn Muhlestein drove into the student parking lot and noticed that there were fewer cars than usual. That's a normal indication that spring-semester classes had just ended, and that finals week was underway.

"Finals week?" Dawn said to an ISU staff member, who related her encounter with Dawn. "It seems like I'm taking a test every day."

Dawn is one of 20 students enrolled in ISU - Boise's rigorous physician-assistant studies program, which will prepare her to perform vital medical services under a doctor's supervision.

She's also among the approximately 3,600 students who will be benefitting from the fact that Idaho State University offers year-round opportunities, with a full range of academic and enrichment programs that don't take summers off.

Dawn's program, as just one example, runs continuously for 24 months, five days a week, seven hours a day. At ISU - Boise alone, our summer programs include the 16-month fast-track nursing program, and graduate programs in:

Come summer, students in our Treasure Valley health-professions programs trade classrooms for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and community centers, where they complete internships and clinical rotations required for their degrees.

At ISU - Idaho Falls, at University Place, students can take any of 94 day and evening classes. More than 600 students have already signed up for courses that include:

  • general education,
  • business,
  • arts and sciences,
  • engineering and
  • education.

At ISU – Twin Falls, teachers-to-be are signing up for summer classes that lead to undergraduate degrees in elementary education, instructional technology, education administration and other fields. Workshops are available for professional educators who need of continuing education credits, and for counselors, social workers and others who need contact hours.

The University's Geosciences Field Camp, in Idaho's Lost River Range, draws participants from across the United States. In Guatemala's Mirador Basin, our students are doing important work on ancient Mayan culture at the ISU archaeology field camp.

Continuing Education at ISU offers Elderhostel classes. The Summer Science Snack program and S.N.A.R.F (Science, Nature, Astronomy, Radiation and Flight) Science Camps are geared toward children. The Idaho Museum of Natural History offers Forays into the Field for children. CW HOG Summer Kids Camp enables children with or without disabilities to enjoy rafting, horseback riding and other outdoor activities.

The University's Chamber Choir, meanwhile, is preparing to leave for Peru in June for a 10-day performance tour.

Approximately 350 students enroll each summer at ISU's Sun Valley-based Sawtooth Science Institute to learn about ice-age geology, stream ecology, fire ecology, wildflowers, butterflies, birds, Lewis and Clark, renewable energy and more.

We're not ready to declare summer vacation a thing of the past at Idaho State University. We are, however, willing to state that summer can be as enriching as any other time of year. Perhaps just more fun.

Go Bengals!

Letter from the President

Arthur C. Vailas, Ph.D.
President, Idaho State University


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209