Letter from the President

June 23, 2010

Dear Friend of Idaho State University,

Every time I hear of another promising student choosing Idaho State University for their future, I become even more proud of our institution.

Once again, this spring, we were proud to report that a record number of students attended ISU, 800 more students than last spring. Each year, more people see Idaho State University as their first choice for a quality education.

At ISU, we've made a commitment to keep students our highest priority. After all, without students, we wouldn't have a university. It seems our commitment is paying off.

In an era where many colleges and universities are being forced to cut services, ISU is working to increase them. We've made registration for classes easier, and increased our recruiting efforts.

Our Veterans' Sanctuary Program is providing services and assistance to those who have served our nation. Through the program, veterans receive help making the transition into a university community. Students are also able to take classes taught by veterans and, beginning in August, will be able to live in cohort housing on campus designed for veterans.

Our Early College Program is allowing high school students to experience quality university-level classes and get a head-start on their education and future. The Idaho State University Health High School program allows students to take online courses for reduced fees. The university-level courses help to prepare students who are considering a career in the health professions.

Along with our services, our students benefit from the expertise of professors who are renowned in their fields. A team of researchers at ISU recently received $1.4 million in additional funding to build a new type of prosthetic hand, one that will use nerve signals on the skin to fully simulate natural grasping, lifting and twisting motions. Graduate students in several disciplines are working alongside professors on a project that will impact the lives of many who have lost a limb.

Geosciences professors and students have worked together to create 3-D videos and maps that combine standard photography with satellite imagery to illustrate the topography of numerous regions in southeast Idaho. Creating the maps was not only a wonderful opportunity for students, but will benefit the community as well, allowing them to learn about our area.

At Idaho State University, we want to continue to welcome more promising students and scholars into our world-class programs. If you know students who would be a perfect asset to our university community, let them know what we have to offer. Perhaps they will be our next scientist finding cures for life-threatening illnesses or researcher finding new energy options for our world.

Go Bengals!

Letter from the President

Arthur C. Vailas, Ph.D.
President, Idaho State University


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209