Department of Psychology

Tera Letzring, Ph.D.

Tera Letzring, Ph.D.

Professor, Experimental Psychology


B.A. (1999), University of Puget Sound
M.A. (2002), and Ph.D. (2005), University of California, Riverside

Research Interests

Research interest is in the accuracy of personality judgment, and more specifically the characteristics and behaviors of people who are good judges of personality, the types of situations that are most likely to lead to accurate judment, and the kinds of information that are most likely to lead to accurate judgment.


Selected Publications

Letzring, T. D., & Noftle, E. (2010). Predicting relationship quality from self-verification of broad personality traits among romantic couples. Journal of Research in Personality, 44, 353-362.
Letzring & Noftle, 2010.pdf

Letzring, T. D. (2010). The effects of judge and target gender and ethnicity similarity on the accuracy of personality judgments. Social Psychology, 41, 42-51.
Letzring, 2010 - similarity and accuracy.pdf

Letzring, T. D. (2008). The good judge of personality: Characteristics, behaviors, and observer accuracy. Journal of Research in Personality, 42, 914-932.
Letzring, 2008-good judge.pdf

Letzring, T. D. (2008). Self-report methods. In The International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (2nd ed.). Detroit, MI: Macmillan Reference USA.
Letzring, 2008 - self-report method.pdf

Letzring, T. D., Wells, S. M., & Funder, D. C. (2006). Quantity and quality of available information affect the realistic accuracy of personality judgment. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 91, 111-123.
Letzring, Wells, & Funder, 2006.pdf

Letzring, T. D., Block, J., & Funder, D. C. (2005). Ego-control and ego-resiliency: Generalization of self-report scales based on personality descriptions from self, acquaintances, and clinicians. Journal of Research in Personality, 39, 395-422.
Letzring, Block, & Funder, 2005.pdf