Department of Psychology

Kimberly J. Nylen, Ph.D.

Kimberly J. Nylen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Clinic Director, Clinical Psychology


B.S. (2002), University of Iowa; M.A. (2004), University of Iowa; Pre-doctoral Clinical Intern (2008-2009), University of Wisconsin, Madison, Ph.D. (2009), University of Iowa; Posdoctoral Fellow (2009-2011), University of Michigan Medical School.

Research Interests

Depression, anxiety, and stress during pregnancy and the postpartum period; impact of maternal depression on infant and child outcomes; predictors of treatment outcome for women with mood and anxiety disorders.

Clinical interests include depression during pregnancy and the postpartum period and general individual treatment.

Selected Publications

Nylen, K. J., O'Hara, M.W., & Engeldinger, J. (2012). Perceived social support interacts with prenatal depression to predict birth outcomes. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. doi: 10.1007/s10865-012-9436-y

Nylen, K. J., O'Hara, M. W., Brock, R., Moel, J., Gorman, L., & Stuart, S. (2010). Predictors of the longitudinal course of postpartum depression following Interpersonal Psychotherapy. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 78, 757-763.

Lawrence, E., Nylen, K.J., & Cobb, R.J. (2007). Prenatal expectations and marital satisfaction over the transition to parenthood. Journal of Family Psychology, 21, 155-164.

Nylen, K.J., Moran, T.E., Franklin, C.L., & O'Hara, M.W. (2006). Maternal depression: A review of relevant treatment approaches for mothers and infants. Infant Mental Health Journal, 27, 327-343.

Nylen, K.J., Segre, L.S., & O'Hara, M.W. (2005). Public health implications of postpartum depression. Psychiatric Annals, 35, 599-609.