Department of Psychology

Tara Stewart, Ph.D.

Tara Stewart, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Experimental Psychology


B.A. (2002), M.A. (2006), Ph.D. (2010) University of Manitoba, Canada
Postdoctoral Training: Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada (SSHRC) postdoctoral fellowship at the Laboratory for Aging and Health Research, Canada (2010-2012). Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) postdoctoral fellowship in the School of Public Health, Yale University (2012-2013).

Research Interests

Dr. Stewart’s research examines motivation in the context of health and aging. Dr. Stewart is currently accepting graduate students (both experimental and clinical) with broad interests in any of the following research areas: Psychosocial predictors of physical/mental health; Ageism and age stereotypes; Loneliness and social isolation; Health behavior treatment interventions; Commonplace/lay beliefs about physical/mental illness.

Selected Research Publications

Stewart, T. L., Chipperfield, J. G., Perry, R. P., & Weiner, B. (2012). Attributing illness to "old age:" Consequences of a self-directed stereotype for health and mortality. Psychology and Health, 27, 881-897.

Stewart, T. L., Chipperfield, J. G., Ruthig, J. C., & Heckhausen, J. (In Press). Downward social comparison and subjective well-being in late life: The moderating role of perceived control. Aging and Mental Health.

Stewart, T. L. (nee Haynes), Heckhausen, J., Chipperfield, J. G., Perry, R. P., & Newall, N. E. (2009). Primary and secondary control strategies: Implications for health and well-being among older adults. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 28, 165-196.

Stewart, T. L. (nee Haynes), Perry, R. P., Stupnisky, R. H., & Daniels, L. M. (2009). A review of attributional retraining treatments: Fostering engagement and persistence in vulnerable populations. In J. Smart (Ed.), Higher education: Handbook of theory and research: Vol. 24 (pp. 227-272). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer Publishers.

Chipperfield, J. G., Newall, N. E., Perry, R. P., Stewart, T. L., Bailis, D. S., & Ruthig, J. C. (2012). Sense of control in late life: Health and survival implications. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, 1081-1092.

Newall, N. E., Chipperfield, J. G., Bailis, D. S., & Stewart, T. L. (In press). Consequences of loneliness on physical activity and mortality in older adults and the power of positive emotions. Health Psychology.