Department of Psychology

Peter Vik, Ph.D.

Peter Vik, Ph.D.

Professor, Clinical Psychology


B.S. (1982), University of California at Davis;
M.A. (1986), San Diego State University;
M.A. (1989) and Ph.D. (1992), University of Colorado.

Research Interests

Research interests: (1) Cognitive effects of substance abuse, particularly methamphetamine; (2) Comorbid substance abuse and other forms of psychopathology.

Clinical Interests

Cognitive assessment; assessment of memory problems.

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Selected Publications

Jorgensen, M., Vik, P., Hedt, J., & Gardner, E. (under review). Sexual assault, intrusive thoughts, and verbal memory.

Vik, P. W., Islam-Zwart, K., & Ruge, L. N. (2008). Application of the PTSD-Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire to sexually assaulted college women. Addiction Research & Theory, 16.

Vik, P. W. (2007). Alcohol and methamphetamine use by incarcerated women: Comorbid mood and anxiety problems. Women's Health Issues, 17 (4), 256-263.

Islam-Zwart, K., Vik, P. W., & Rawlins, K. (2007). Short-term psychological adjustment of female prison inmates on a minimum security unit. Women's Health Issues, 17 (4), 237-243.

Cellucci, T., Krogh, J., Vik, P. (2006). Help-seeking for alcohol problems in a college population. Journal of General Psychology (Special issue-Alcohol and the Human Experience).

Vik, P. W., Cellucci, T., Hedt, J., & Jorgensen, M. (2006). Transition to college: A Classification and Regression Tree (CART) analysis of natural reduction of binge drinking. International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health, 18(1), 171-180.