Purchasing Card Information

Welcome to the University’s credit card program. Individuals are issued a P-card (VISA Credit Card) for purchasing items needed with the exception of capital outlay items. Individuals are responsible for reconciling the transactions that are downloaded from the bank weekly and the retention of invoices.

When an individual has three or more transactions posted, contact Laura McRae and she will provide training on the reconciliation process. The P-card Manager (Laura McRae) will review each cardholder’s records for compliance to rules in place. She will try to review once a year.

The most commonly asked question is “Can the P-card be used for employee travel?” At this time the answer is “NO”. Registrations cannot be paid by the P-card, however if you attend a conference and want to purchase items such books, videos, etc., that would be considered a valid purchase for the card.

If an individual is interested in getting started on the P-card program just complete the top portion of Appendix I in the manual. The application must have the supervisor’s signature on it. Then send the complete form to Purchasing, Attn: Laura McRae, Campus Box 8110.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209