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Class 2014, Amira Flynn, RT(R) posted 3/15/15

Hope everything is going well for you! I am still working at Physicians Immediate Care part time and doing ultrasound at Weber. I really like doing my clinicals down at EIRMC, everyone there is really nice. I don't know if Wendy told you but we are expecting! I am due in September! It is going to be a little tough with school ending in December but I am trying to stay positive about it. :) We are excited. I really liked my experience at ISU, I thought you and Wendy did a really great job at teaching and I really appreciate how you both made it structured and got us prepared to be techs and take our registry. I am happy I get to do the Sonography program at Weber. I am sad to hear you are leaving!

Class 2014, Justin Gerrard, RT(R) posted 3/11/15

I felt very prepared for my career after this program. However you get out of the program just as much as you are willing to put into it. I finished my CT exams and I take my test on the second of April. I have a full time position here at EIRMC and I do PRN at Madison. I love what I do and cant wait to learn more.

Class 2014, Kara Hodge, RT(R) posted 3/23/15

I am currently working in a small family clinic (very small) so small that it is still film. I cannot believe that I am using film, I honestly never thought I would. I often laugh remembering stories from everyone about the film days because I find myself doing them or thinking them. Although the thing that gets me is that I really miss automatic collimation. I was nervous at first but I completely feel prepared after ISU. I had a hard time finding someone who would give a new grad from Idaho a chance, even more difficult when I am only in Iowa for another year. I am hoping to apply to sonography school this December. It depends on where I will be for the year of 2016. I will be either in San Antonio Texas or Seattle Washington. I want to go to school in Washington so that is where I am hoping to land. I am excited for you that you get to retire and enjoy your time. I am so blessed that I got to be one of your students.

Class 2014, Bailie Olsen, RT(R) posted 3/26/15

I am currently working at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise Idaho. I absolutely love it! I am also getting the opportunity to cross-train in CT which is awesome! I think my education at ISU and EIRMC has prepared me well. I feel confident in my abilities, and it's all thanks to you!!! Wishing you the best of luck with your future!!! Miss you!

Class 2013, Amanda Baker, RT(R),posted 3/24/15

I cannot believe how time flies!! Work has been keeping me extremely busy. I'm sure you heard, but if not I'll share too. I accepted a fulltime job over at Biddulph and Huntsmans. I will step down from my fulltime at EIRMC to PRN at the end of April. I excited for the change, but nervous too. It will be very nice not working as much, lately with the short staffing at the hospital I get every other weekend off. So between the two jobs I've been loaded, I guess that's the perfect word choice (; It will be nice because I will get to spend more time with my husband and we can enjoy our new house we are building that will finish in two weeks!! And who wouldn't enjoy working Monday-Thursday (; The office treats me great so I'm excited to move over there but stay prn so I can still get my OR fun in (;

Class 2013, Jessica Fuller, RT(R), RDMS posted 3/16/15

I would not have traded my ISU education for anything. I decided to go to BSU for their ultrasound program after graduation. I took summer of 2013 off, and picked up again with school full time in the fall. Although I loved my educational facilities in Boise, EIRMC made me an offer I couldn't refuse. April of 2014 I accepted a position at EIRMC as a PRN Radiographer. I didn't finish Ultrasound school until July, and they knew that. I was able to complete my last 8 weeks of Ultrasound clinical at my desired hire site. Here in Idaho Falls!! With Jennie Jenkins as my student coordinator. I was hired on as a PRN Sonographer August of 2014. I could not be happier with my decision. I am working over 40 hours a week and taking around 20 hours of call per week. I am now covering as a full time Sonographer as I have two coworkers currently on maternity leave. I am however still picking up occasional xray shifts as I love xray and don't want to lose the skills I have developed. I can attribute my confidence and my passion for Radiology to my ISU education. I was able to take a year off and jump right back in without missing a beat!! I had no issues with passing the registry, and I enjoy working with the students as it helps keep my abilities sharp by teaching. Thank you for all the overtime, sweat, and tears you have put in for our sakes. Your passion for molding us into quality Radiographers.

Class 2013, Jaclyn Hawkins, RT(R) posted 3/10/15

I am doing well. I just had a baby girl on January 8th. We named her India and she is a wonderful baby . I am an assistant volleyball coach at Idaho State and still PRN at Idaho Hand Institue. IHI has been a wonderful place to be employed. I felt ISU's program did a good job for preparing me to work.

Class 2013, Ashlee Orduno, RT(R)(CT) posted 3/10/15

I definitely felt prepared for my life after ISU. I was scared but prepared. I am currently working full time at Driggs hospital doing CT and x-ray. I work PRN doing CT and x-ray at Madison Memorial hospital. I also work PRN at Fall River Medical doing x-ray and MA/Nursing. Without the ISU program I wouldn't be able to handle 1 let alone 3 jobs. There are exams that come up that I have to think back to what I learned in school because they aren't routine. With the help Dan and Wendy gave me, I love what I do and wouldn't change anything about it.

Class 2013, Courtany Pendelton, RT(R) posted 3/10/15

Hey everyone, I am a full-time rad tech/phlebotomist at Madison Memorial hosptial for the last 2 years. I'm contracted to an outpatient clinic for now. I definitely felt prepared with the x-ray portion but was under prepared to draw blood; however, I did training beofer taking my position. It all depends on the job you end up getting.

Class 2013, Rebecca Roy, RT(R), RDMS posted 3/25/15

I am currently working as a sonographer at St. Luke's in Meridian. I absolutely feel like you and Wendy prepared me for life after ISU! The things I learned in the Radiography program at ISU are so helpful to me every day as an ultrasound tech. Thanks for giving me such an excellent education!

Class 2013, Michael Santistevan, RT(R) posted 3/10/15

I am currently employed full-time and applied for an MRI training job recently. There are 4 ISU graduates here. Two of them are modality supervisors, David in Nuc Med and Bruce in MRI. ISU grads seem well respected here so there is a reputation to uphold. Students here that had clinicals in Idaho Falls rave about the ISU technologists, several of which were in my class. I am very grateful I went to the program at ISU. I feel like I have a multitude of different ways to get things accomplished and understand why things are done, as opposed to just hitting a button.

Class 2013, Desirae Wren, RT(R)(CT) posted 3/26/15

I am currently at Bingham and successfully registered in CT in Februray! Feels great to be done with it and to have my CEU's! I recently had a baby girl! My boys love her:) I was so prepared after graduation and I felt confident as a new tech, you guys taught us well! Hope retirement treats you well, you worked hard and definitely deserve it!

Class 2012, Tauree Blankenship, RT(R) posted 9/3/12

I am currently enrolled in a Ph.D Physical Therapy program will graduate 2015.

Class 2012, Jaylene Barth, RT(R) posted 08/23/12

I work at Dr. Roisum's office in IF 3 days a week taking xrays with film and rotating through the various Community Cares up and down the valley 1-2 days a week taking xrays with CR and helping the nurses.

Class 2012, Mariel Chesley, RT(R) posted 08/23/12

I am currently looking for a job. I'd prefer to stay in Idaho because I hate moving, but I don't have too much preference where I go as long as I like it. In response to the last question regarding how well ISU prepared me for my first job, the reason I gave a 3 is/are: I really love the career center and they have great ideas and suggestions for making resumes and interviews better. The knowledge I learned in class I feel will help greatly. The clinicals I did up at Madison, no fault of their own, did not have the number or the variety of exams I feel to be confident of my abilities( I am a very hands on person and learn the best that way), especially if I go to a busy hospital with a wide variety of exams and trauma patients. There were a large number of exams I had never seen or performed only once and the images were ok but not great. When I get a job I will be able to give a more definitive answer on my preparedness since I'm probably feeling prejob jitters.

Class 2012, Kristie Chupp, RT(R) posted 08/23/12

Working PRN at Intermountain Medical Imaging and beginning the distance Radiation Therapy School through Weber State University doing all my clinical work at MSTI.

Class 2012, Jessica Kowitz, RT(R) posted 08/23/12

Right now I am working at a hospital in Boise taking x-rays. Soon I will be starting school at Boise State University to specialize in the MRI.

Class 2012, Sierra Lammers, RT(R) posted 08/23/12

I have a job at Primary Care Specialists in Pocatello. I'm also working towards a Masters in Medical Physics.

Class 2012, Kellimarie Knighton, RT(R) posted 09/09/12

I work PRN in Idaho Falls at the Redicare doing xrays. I've also been training over at Mountain View Hospital in the Pain Clinic and surgery. So far I love my job!

Class 2012, Rychael Morton, RT(R) posted 9/6/2012

I work at Primary Care Specialists as a Rad Tech/Lab Tech and am currently in the admission process for PA programs.

Class 2012, Juliana Moon, RT(R) posted 08/23/12

I work at EIRMC and I love my job.

Class 2012, Kassilina Schroeder, RT(R) posted 08/23/12

Applying for PRN positions in Salmon, ID.

Class 2012, Andrea Thayn, RT(R) posted 11/20/11

After I graduated, I was hired on at my clinical site, EIRMC. I took the exam about 2 weeks after graduation and thankfully passed! I went to Las Vegas to do mammography training and now I will be working on my competences before I can sit for the boards. I also work at the Pocatello Women's Correctional center as the X-ray tech whenever they need it. It's interesting but we take what we can get right? My husband has applied to dental school so we will be moving in May and I hope to be able to find a job wherever we land!.

Class 2011, Lexie Bell, RT(R) posted 11/20/11

Well besides being a new mom, I am getting ready to go back to work at EIRMC a few days a week. I'm sure excited to be back working where I did my clinical's!

Class 2011, Melissa Bradley, RT(R) posted 11/20/11

I graduated with my associates degree this past May and I am now attending BYU-I to finish up my bachelors. I plan to graduate this December. I also work part-time for an orthopedic surgeon here in Rexburg. It is a great job and I have learned a lot!

Class 2011, Denise Burns, RT(R) posted 11/19/11

I am currently working at Portneuf Medical Center as a PRN radiographic technologist and have also started training in MRI. While I think that ISU's Radiographic Science program teaches students well in the core aspects of radiography such as anatomy, positioning, and trauma, it's up to the student and the effort they put into classes and clinicals. The harder they work, the more they ask questions, and the more observant they are, the better they'll be when they enter the field.

Class 2011, Mike Hotrum, RT(R) posted 11/12/11

I work as a rad tech at the Idaho Orthopaedic and Sports Clinic, P.A. for several doctors, including Dr. Newhouse, Dr. Altenburg, Dr. Coker, Dr. Stukki, and Dr. Esplin. The job is excellent for sharpening my skills as a technologist, and it is a great work environment. Because post-graduate education is increasingly important, I recently applied to physical therapy school at ISU in hope of becoming a DPT by 2015.

Class 2011, Charles Kogei, RT(R) posted 12/06/11

Currently i am in Boise still job searching and getting ready to go back to school in the Fall 2011. I'm thinking about an MBA or pursing a degree in physical therapy.

Class 2011, Jennifer Orr, RT(R) posted 11/12/11

I am currently a volunteer tech for the American red cross at the radiology department in the Yokota air base clinic.

Class 2011, Cami Evans, RT(R) posted 11/15/11

I am working at Portnuef Medical Center as a PRN Rad tech and I also work at Physicians Immediate care as an xray tech and medical assistant.

Class 2011,Emily Parrish, RT(R) posted 11/13/11

Just recently I was hired at Physicians Immediate Care Center's in Pocatello/Chubbuck as an MA/X-ray tech. It took me about three months to find this job and I love it! I had almost given up my search as a lost cause. I really enjoy the work environment and find it very different from the hospital setting. The MA portion of this job is extremely interesting and I find it rewarding as well. I still love taking x-rays and the clinics are equipped with CR imaging with user friendly software. My husband is in Pharmacy school so we have a few more years in Pocatello and I look forward to working hard at the clinics for the extent of that period. I think my education at ISU was wonderful! I feel it prepared me adequately for the real world of Radiology and healthcare.

Class 2011,Emily Phelps, RT(R) posted 11/14/11

I'm working PRN at EIRMC and I also work two days a week taking xrays at Dr. Biddulph & Dr. Huntsman's office in Idaho Falls..

Class 2011, Garett Romriell, RT(R) posted 11/12/11

I had an awesome job opportunity in MRI in Idaho Falls, but turned it down to go to graduate school. I am now in the MAC (Masters of Accounting) Program at I.S.U. I'm very pleased with my bachelors degree and with the Radiology program. They trained us well and the degree opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I really appreciated their help.

Class 2011, Angie White, RT(R) posted 11/14/11

My husband Jacob and I were married in July. We started our lives living down in Payson, UT. We thought that would be a good location to start out in because of all of the hospitals and imaging centers in the area. The job market was extremely challenging and very saturated. Over 6 weeks I had filled out probably 20 applications. Some were full time, part time, and PRN x-ray jobs, and some were clerk jobs in the imaging departments. I was having a hard time networking, as I knew no one in the area, or Utah at that. I remembered back at our ISRT spring conference and a speaker that had stated he had been in the same shoes I was when he started out. I emailed Wendy and asked for his contact information, and went out on a limb asking him for some advice. He was great and completely helpful. With the new tips, I kept searching and applying for jobs. I applied for an opening at Ogden Regional Medical Center, was interviewed, and offered a full time position. Unfortunately, my husband and I had to move again, but it was well worth it. We really like the Ogden/Roy area, and I'm loving my job! Working with students and new coworkers has been a really fun experience. Going into the job I was really nervous and not sure if I would remember much. Thankfully the knowledge and training that both ISU's program and EIRMC gave me, had me well prepared and I adjusted quickly. My next goal (in the next few years that is) is to go back to school and specialize in Radiation Therapy.

Class 2011, Alexandria Wood, RT(R) posted 12/09/11

After graduation, I moved to Washington state. I wasn't able to get a job, so I moved with my boyfriend to North Salt Lake in October, 2011. Thanks to Angie White and some networking, I was able to obtain a PRN position at Ogden Regional Medical Center. I really love working there and utilizing all the skills I learned at ISU and in clinical work. I plan to go to Radiation Therapy School at Weber State next Fall. It's a one year program. Jobs are short in this field, but I've shadowed a lot and know it's what I want to do. Thanks to ISU's wonderful Bachelor's degree, I will obtain another Bachelor's degree at Weber in only one year. This I believe will make me much more marketable. I definitely miss being in class with my peers and wonderful professors. Thanks to all of you for making me the Technologist I am today!

Class 2010, Chelsie Ayre, RT(R) posted 11/08/11

I am currently working for Bingham Memorial Hospital at the Physicians and Surgeons Clinic of Pocatello as their radiographic technologist. I assist in all of Dr. Shelleys vein procedures and perform all xrays needed for several specialty doctors. I have a full time position here and I also work at Pocatello Community Care every other weekend doing xray there as well as labs, EKGs, and whatever else they need done. In August, 2011, I started the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program through Weber State University and will begin my clinicals at BMH in January to receive my second bachelors of science degree. Next December I will be graduating and continuing my career with BMH. I have worked in xray since my senior year of the program at ISU and I really enjoy it. I work with great people and love being a part of the healthcare field. ISU gave me a great education and Dan, Chuck and Wendy really made a difference. I realized I was very prepared for everything I would be facing in the work force and am very grateful to them for all of their work and dedication to the students and the program as a whole.

Class 2010, Melissa Boyce, RT(R) posted 11/14/11

I have a full-time position as a staff radiographer at Mountain View Hospital's Redicare Clinic.

Class 2010, Kathy Call, RT(R) posted 11/08/11

I am working at the Blackfoot Medical Center doing x-rays and CT's. I am also pursuing a Master's degree in Health Education at ISU, which I am planning on finishing May of 2013. I love my job and have learned a lot while working the last year and a half. I am glad I chose this career.

Class 2010, Katy Jannuzzi, RT(R), RDMS posted 11/08/11

After graduating I came back to Boise and did the ultrasound program at Boise State. I finished the program in July. I have been working full time at St. Alphonsus in Nampa for about the last 3 months doing ultrasound. I love what I do!! Last week I passed my abdomen boards so I am officially registered! We have an ultrasound student that comes 3 days a week from BSU. It is weird to be helping a student already! I feel like I should still be a student! I can definitely relate to their frustrations and struggles since I was just there; it makes it fun to be able to help them learn! From going through two programs, ISU and BSU, I can definitely say I enjoyed my time in the program at ISU! I learned so much in the two years at the program and I felt completely prepared for my registry. Although I am not working in xray, the program taught me a lot about health care in general. So thank you Dan, Wendy, and Chuck for your hard work!!

Class 2010, Jennie Jenkins, RT(R), RDMS posted 1/12/12

After graduating from ISU in 2010, I worked per diem at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC) and went to Weber State to specialize in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. I just graduated in December 2012 (Woo Hoo!) with a second Bachelor of Science degree. I am now working full-time at EIRMC in the ultrasound department, and I love it!

Class 2010, Devri Larson, RT(R) posted 11/08/11

After graduation I worked at a large family practice and an urgent care in Pocatello as a Rad Tech/ Medical Assistant/ Phlebotomist. I loved working at both facilities and felt that I learned many other skills outside of the Imaging field that I will take with me forever. Since then I have left Pocatello and now live in Twin Falls where I work at the new St. Lukes hospital as a Rad Tech. I work part time as a Tech and full time as a Mommy!! I love my jobs! In the future I do hope to pursue certificates in other modalities such as Ultrasound and CT, but for now I am happy with x-ray. I loved my experience at the ISU Radiographic Science program and will forever remember the experiences I had. Thank you to the instructors! You are all wonderful!

Class 2010, Andrew Mundt, RT(R)(T) posted 03/05/12

After I graduated from ISU, I went directly to Therapy School in Phoenix, AZ. I am currently working as a Radiation therapist for Renown Health in Reno Nevada. We use the latest technology to treat cancer of all types.

Class 2010, Amy Raymond, RT(R) posted 11/05/11

I started working at Portneuf Medical Center in 2009. I continued to work there until 2011 when my husband and I moved to Idaho Falls. I currently work part time as a fill in at the surrounding Community Cares in the area. Anywhere from Rexburg to Pocatello. I work just enough to keep my skills up and make a little extra fun money. This works out perfectly since my main job now is being a stay at home mom for my 6 month old son. I love being an X-ray Tech.

Class 2010, Tanya Windhorst, RT(R) posted 12/1/11

I am working at Teton Radiology in Idaho Falls and Rexburg. I work in ultrasound and help out in xray if needed. I really enjoy working at the facility and the staff is wonderful!

Class 2008, Ratimo Aduke, RT(R) posted 11/14/11

Right now I am not working as a radiographer in fact,I am a marketer and on the job hunt again in a totally different landscape than the one I worked in for two years and indeed became a radiographer. I am currently living in my home country Kenya. Prior to that I worked for two years with the Primary Health Medical Group in Boise, Idaho. It's a group of primary care walk in clinics in the Treasure Valley. Despite my initial trepidation of not being able to work in a hospital environment it was the best job I could have wished for. I was not only a radiographer but I guess a quasi do it all, doing things like immunizations, removing stitches, interviewing patients when they check into the clinic, talking to insurance companies. It was job that exposed me to a lot of what's involved in the healthcare industry in the US. As much I am looking for a job as a radiographer in the near future I look forward to a future role that will involve a lot of policy making and health systems research and best practices. This country will need those skills to deal with emerging disease patterns that mirror what's in the west yet we are not quite equipped like the west to deal with that. Anyway it's good to be home and if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods I would be happy to offer you a place to sleep and eat of course:)

Class 2008, Kevin Bean, RT(R)(MR) posted 11/15/11

I am working full time as a registered MRI technologist at a Level 2 trauma center in Boise, ID. I'm also working part time as a teaching assistant through the Boise State MRI program.

Class 2008, Holly Sargent Adamson, RT(R) posted 11/17/11

I worked for 1 year at EIRMC, then moved for my husband's job, and now I am a stay at home mom to my 1 year old boy, Paxton.

Class 2008, Amanda Scherbel, RT(R) posted 11/17/11

I currently am keeping up with my Continuing Education while being a stay at home mom until my husband graduates from college this December. After that we will be moving to the east coast to fulfill a job offer and further my education within the field of Medical Physics. I really love my degree and how it prepared me for future endeavors! From my experience I was able to encourage my brother-in-law to go in to Radiology. He loves it too!!

Class 2008, Heather Summers Crandall, RT(R) posted 01/18/12

I'm working full time at Rigby Community Care and have been since I graduated in May 2008. I love my job and feel very blessed to work here. I have given several part time job opportunities throughout the years as well and have appreciated the wide spectrum of knowledge I gained. I loved studying at ISU and couldn't have had better teachers in the program

Class 2008, Drew Whitter, RT(R)(T) Medical Dosimetrist posted 03/21/13

Following my BS in Radiography at ISU I attended the UNC Chapel Hill Radiation therapy course and then went on to Southern Illinois University, Carbondale where I got a MS in medical dosimetry. I have since moved to LA and work full time as a Certified Medical Dosimetrist at ST Johns Health Center in Santa Monica.

Class 2006, Kaylynne Price, MHE, RT(R)(MR) posted 1/13/12

I recently graduated from Idaho State University in June 2011 with my Masters Degree in Health Education. I am currently working as the Coordinator in the MRI department at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls.

Class 2006, Brady Taylor, M.S., RT(R) posted 11/14/11

After graduating from ISU, I continued my studies at Duke University. I finished my physics degree and entered their graduate school to study medical physics. I am currently working as a medical physicist in a large Radiation Oncology department in Indianapolis.  Additionally, I am still in the certification process to get my medical physics licensure - DABR.

Class 2005, Laura Nix, RT(R) posted 12/22/11

I currently work part-time at an outpatient surgery center operating the c-arm for various orthopedic and spine surgeons as well as for pain management cases. I also fill in doing diagnostic x-ray and bone densitometry at another outpatient clinic. In the past five years I have also worked at several large hospitals in the Seattle area and felt my education and training through ISU more than prepared me for the challenges that come with working in large teaching institutions as well as working independently in small clinic situations.

Class 2004, Casey Dye, RT(R) posted 11/05/11

Since graduating from Idaho State University with my B.S. degree, I started my career off by working in Salt Lake City Utah at Primary Children's Medical Center. I worked my way up to Lead Technologist and was coordinating inpatient and outpatient flow through our department. I also was in charge of our QA program and we focused on using our own markers, collimation and positioning. I also have the responsibilities of Clinical Instructor for students from Weber State University and Salt Lake Community College. Together I oversee 10 students that I have the privilege to learn from and teach them tricks that I have learned.

I have been able to attend the ACERT conferences in Vegas and will be going again this year again. It was a great experience for me as a student and I would like all of my students to go. Last time I was able to go, I learned a lot about image dose and algorithms which I was able to return and teach my team about. I have been able to give lectures on imaging pediatrics for Wendy at ISU, the Utah State Radiological Society, the Idaho Society of Radiologic Technologists, and for Intermountain HealthCare.

For a time, I was over the departments Emergency Preparedness and was able to set the standard for the entire department on what to do in a disaster. I also was able to assist my hospital in the transition to Digital. We currently have 3 out of our 4 plain film rooms DR, with our 4th one going live very soon. We also have one DR Portable and by years end will be purchasing another one. Since Primary Children’s Medical Center is the only hospital in the State of Utah to be fully DR, I have been asked to serve on a DR committee for Intermountain HealthCare to help set the standard for all Intermountain HealthCare facilities when selecting DR rooms. Primary Childrens is currently setting the Standard for DR Portable units too.

I have served on an Employee Health committee, and made a web page for our hospital that included a Q/A from a Dietician, as well as updated activities that would encourage employees to lose weight, get healthy and be active.

This past August 2011, with the help of my B.S. degree from ISU, I was able to have a new role at Primary Children's Medical Center. I am now the Diagnostic Coordinator and oversee 26 employees. Additionally, I maintained by supervision of the students. I have drawn from classes I took at ISU and have been able to apply them to my work as a manager. Thank you ISU for allowing me to receive great training and knowledge that has prepared me for the amazing career!

Class 2004, James Snyder, RT(R),(NM) CNMT posted 12/19/11

My newest goals are to go through the Pharm D. program at ISU. After working for St Lukes in Twin Falls for 5 years, I went on medical leave due to a great working new kidney. I did have to do dialysis this time which due to complications I can not work in the Nuc Med or Radiography field at this time. While at St. Lukes I had many responsibilities including my Nuc duties. I served as Clinical Coordinator for 2 Nuc med students with Weber State and with X-ray students from CSI. I also served on the hospital wide education team and was the Education Coordinator for the Medical Imaging department. I am grateful for all the great people I got to work with there and at past employers. Without my BS degree from ISU these opportunities would not have been available to me.

I am also excited to be an adjunct faculty member at ISU this spring semester.

Class 2003, Jason Neitzel, RT(R)(T) posted 9/6/2012

I work the grave yard shift at Madison Memorial Hospital.

Class 2002, Briana Lippiello, RT(R)(T) posted 11/12/11

I am currently working as a Staff Radiation Therapist at "The Mountain States Tumor Institute" in Downtown Boise. I have the best job in the entire world that I love! I feel ISU prepared me extremely well for my career as a Radiation Therapist! I am very grateful for the wonderful professors and their support while I was in the program and after.

Class 2001, Benjiman Jacobson, RT(R) posted 12/14/11

I am working in a rural hospital in Soda Springs. ISU prepared me in Idaho to work in Idaho just like I wanted. I am working in CT, radiology, I am the clinical coordinator for our hospital, coaching junior high football, I am an active member of the Lions Club and the assistant department manager since there are only 2 employees. I am married still which is a surprise she has put up with me for 13 years, with 2 boys ages 5 and 11 and 1 girl age 8.

Class 1995, Eric Crawford, RT(R)(CT)

I work as a Project Lead in the CT Validation Engineering group in Philips Healthcare. I am one of two in the company, and help lead a team of 4 validation engineers. Our responsibility is to make sure that the CT scanners that we sell are safe and effective for customer use. I have been working with Philips for 7 years, starting out as an Applications Specialist for Philips, then moving to Product Applications, now where I am. It would be good to hear from any of my colleagues who graduated with me.

Class 1990, Casey Jackman, RT(R) (MR) posted 11/12/11

Director of Ancillary Services for Mountain View Hospital, Idaho Falls, Idaho.


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