Radiographic Sciences

Alumnus, Ratimo Aduke


researchRatimo Aduke is a graduate from the Radiographic Science Program at Idaho State University in the class of 2008.  After graduation he returned to his native country, and now lives in Kisumu, Kenya. While at ISU he performed his clinical rotations at Bingham Memorial Hospital, and the Blackfoot Medical Center in Blackfoot Idaho. Currently (2014) he teaches Radiographic Science in the Kenya Medical Training College. It is a public medical training institution that mostly trains allied health professionals. The college is found in several locations with campuses all over Kenya.

The following text is Ratimo's own words:

"ISU prepared me uniquely for this position. I feel privileged that I was able to go to college there. The holistic education at ISU prepared me for different aspects of the job here. For example I am able to draw on my knowledge of public speaking and writing in teaching my classes. My involvement in student leadership in college has also enabled me to able to share ideas and be comfortable interacting and collaborating with the college leadership. The programs here are quite under resourced. We generally have no textbooks for lecturers so most of our material has to come from the internet. We do not have any anatomy labs so teaching A&P is a challenge, no skeletal models or other basic requirements of a medical training program. The public training hospital only has one functioning x-ray unit which breaks down from time to time. The CT machine has not worked in over a year. We are still a long way in terms of resources and training here. I feel quite lucky that I had the opportunity to go to ISU and train at the well equiped area hospitals. I realize that a lot of things I took for granted in training are not available here. Recently I reached out to my former lecturers at the ISU Radiographic Science department. Dan, Wendy and the office staff have been very generous. Right now I am expecting some textbooks that they have donated and are in the mail. I hope we can continue this collaboration. In hindsight I am glad I came back. Most medical professionals from this country who go to the west never come back so it's somewhat unusual. However, to be in this position where I can impart the skills and knowledge I acquired in Pocatello, inspite of the challenges, does give me a huge sense of humility."

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