Radiographic Sciences

Recent Alumni Survey Testimonals

Below are recent comments from the most recent Alumni Surveys

What do you think are the greatest strengths of the radiologic science program at ISU?

Rad Sci is a family- they do everthing they can to help their students along. Excellent skills are taught and the training is superb

I feel totally prepared for the field.

Pass rate after graduation (registry).

Well prepared to do exams.

Classes in other aspects of healthcare are required.

The ISU Faculty.

The number of students in the classroom.

The number of clinical hours required.

The teachers get to know you on an individual basis.

Classes in other aspects of healthcare are required.

Great Environment.

Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff.

Extensive clinical experience

Great comraderee among students.

Good curriculum.

If you could make changes to the radiological science program what would they be?

More flexibility fo all students.

Have students rotate to more clinical sites.

Improve the supervision at the clinical sites.

Give senior and junior students more opportunities to work together.

Learning positioning for special situations besides trauma.

Cross training--but you are already doing that! :)

As a student I was ready, but evening shifts or day shifts or weekends would have made all the difference, even 1 or 2, whole new ballgame.

Same standards from clinical facility to facility.



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