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Alumni Research Amanda Scherbel


researchThis is Amanda Scherbel. She is a graduate from the class of 2008.Recently she helped co-author an article published in Seminars in Roentgenology by Elsevier. We are so proud of her and want to showcase her research.

In a recent email she explained how ISU helped prepare her for this endeavor:

"The experience and education gained from the courses offered through the ISU Radiographic Science Department allowed me to take part in the creation of this article. The writing course taught by Dan Hobbs was especially important in that I was taught to research credible journals and articles, to understand the information given, and to collect and record the information in an efficient and thorough manner. The education I obtained through the courses offered at ISU by Dan Hobbs, Charles Francis, and Wendy Micklesen, allowed me to be effective in my efforts to gather and compile the research necessary to aid in the writing of this article."

You can read it by clicking below.

The article is titled, "Vascular Malformations: Classification and Terminology the Radiologist Needs to Know".

Thank you for sharing Amanda.




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