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March 6, 2015

Morgan Newsom said this today in an text message to Dan Hobbs: "Dan! I had such a great week at Dr. Roisum's of Idaho Falls Sport Medicine. I really enjoy being there! All the girls make me feel so welcome! I got multiple opportunities to do C-spine and T-spine x-rays. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was getting PERFECT Odontoid views. Liz even said they were textbook worthy which was an amazing compliment coming from her! So if Bontrager needs some new images for his next textbook edition, I'm his girl! Liz also taught me how to do L- spines and trusted me to do them on my own. I think L-spines are my new favorite exam to do. Also, I feel so lucky to have been assigned to EIRMC as my clinical site. I might be slightly biased, but it really is the best place to be. I have learned so much in such a short period of time at clinicals thanks to Breezy and Liz! They are amazing techs and I'm glad I'm learning from the best! Thank you for everything you and Wendy have done to set this program up so well for us!


January 13th, 2015

Marin Simonson said this today in an email to Dan Hobbs: "I just wanted to share with you that I had an amazing day at Dr. Roisum's office today!  Everyone was so welcoming and nice and Liz was absolutely awesome. She did a great job of teaching and made me feel so comfortable. I will say that I was a little skeptical of the clinic setting because I love the hospital atmosphere and wasn't sure what to expect as far as staying busy and getting a variety of exposure, but all my expectations were blown out of the water and I don't know that I have stayed so busy at clinicals. I was able to do numerous chest x-rays, some abdomens, a hand, elbows, a shoulder, a tib/fib, and assisted Liz with some spines and sinuses. I got 4 continued comps and 1 new comp and my confidence level is pretty dang good right know! Thank you so much for your hard work in setting up this clinical rotation for us! Just thought I would share my experience with you. Thanks again!


October 7th, 2014

Matt said this today in a text message, "Hey Dan, just wanted to give u an update. Today at soda I did 3 CT scans (2 with contrast), and 3 xrays (knee/ankle, chest, and a pair of feet). Towards the end of the day a guy drove himself to the ER and right after they got him on the bed his heart stopped. 2 guys gave chest compressions (I was next in line) and they defibrillated him. His heart started again and about 10-15 minutes later a helicopter was here to take him to Portneuf. Good learning experience. The people here are awesome. They are friendly, helpful and pleasant to be around. I'm really liking the idea of rural areas because they seem to get more variety. They even gave me a flu shot :)) Soda has a whole different feel than portneuf and I'm glad I get to experience both." -Matt


September 12, 2014
Joe said this in his text today, "...and not to get too serious but I wanted to say how grateful I am to both you and Wendy, I love what I do and I have a real future now and it would not have been possible without your help. I am very grateful. -Joe Robinson


September 10, 2014
Just a note to say KUDOS to the junior students at Portneuf yesterday! They did an excellent job  considering it was their 1st day of actually being a part of the department case loads. We had a huge day in OR with C Arms, a full day of fluoro, and a busy ER, inpatient & out patient load. There were 3 people in the OR most of the day. Heath & the MRI  techs were shooting X rays because everyone was in the OR or in fluoro. Although the new students couldn't do the exams yet, they were great at helping clean rooms & prepare for the next patient. They did an amazing job. The student with me, wasn't afraid to jump in and try hands on while I guided him through the exam on the C Arm. I think he will do well in OR because of his  fascination of what he saw in the OR. Great job Juniors! - Sherrie (Portneuf Technologist)


September 10, 2014
Hey Dan hope you are having a good day! I just thought I would send you an update since today was the first day Malad has had a student, and I am so happy that I got to be the first one. I absolutely loved every minute of it! The staff there is wonderful, and Trevor and Tom let me jump right in. I saw some awesome cases, and learned so much! Overall I am super impressed with Malad (even though their X-Ray is ancient :) ) and I honestly am excited for Thursday to come so I can go back! And the cherry on top was the staff sang happy birthday to me and had a cake for me,  I have never felt so welcomed and cared for :) I thought you would like to hear how it went, and also I am excited to show you and the class some of the X-rays I got to take today; I am planning on using a couple of them for some of the examples you and Wendy were telling us about. Anyway, hope you have a good night and I will see you in the morning. -Paige Shelley


May 23, 2014
Wendy, they called yesterday and offered me the job!  I was shocked because I didn't feel so great about the interview.  Your advice was helpful though.  I'm going in next week to sign papers.  I also interviewed for a position at Primary Care Specialists and they seemed pretty interested so I might get another offer.  I don't know what I would do if they offered me a position too.  I didn't email you because I'm not sure how it is going to play out yet.  Both jobs would be great and I don't want to choose between the two.  Either way, I'm excited about it. The radiographic science program has really improved my life.  I'm now very optimistic for the future.  Thank you so much for all you do! -Joe Spencer


May 23, 2014
Dan, from the very beginning of my college career you have had my back and pushed me to try my very best. I couldn't have come this far without you and Wendy. You're a very special person. You didn't just treat us like students, but friends and colleagues and that means alot. I'm going to miss you and your advice but I know the knowledge and advice you have given me, will stay with me always. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. -Kim Casie Riley


May 23, 2014
Dan, you and Wendy are two of the best teachers I have ever had. I hope you know ho much I appreciate you and everything you've done for me! I will never forget you or my experience at ISU. Thank you for being such a huge part in my time here! -Corrine Malol


May 10, 2014
I really like the way the course content correspondes to real world applications. Dan gave great advice on positioning and other tips to use as technologists that will, and have already come in handy. I also love the online quizzes and tests so that we get results back right away. Much better than waiting for professors to grade them and get them back. -student comment on a course eval


May 10, 2014
I loved about learning about pathology in Wendy's class. Wendy makes the class fun with her personality. She really cares about us and want us to understand the material and to become great technologists. I really loved going to Primary Childrens Medical Center this semester. -student comment on a course eval


May , 2014
Wendy, These last 2 years have been awsome. I have learned so much from you. You really know your stuff. I like how you do case studies; it makes your classes alot more fun. You have been so supportive for me and I just want to say thank you very much. Your labs were informative and fun. We all did become "foxhole" buddies.


December, 2013
Trevor was really willing to help when we didn't understand something. He made the concepts easier to understand. Obviously he loves what he does and helps to show us anything and everything. The labs really solidify the concepts. This was a great class! I loved the examples and the hands-on application of the material. He is a very good teacher. He went over everything that was on the tests and quizzes. -comment on a course eval


October 27, 2011
I had to share a comment from Diane Kawamura (Professor Weber State University).  I recently completed my baccalaureate thesis for my Ultrasound program at Weber.   I took an approach similar to the paper I wrote for the ISU radiographic sciences program.  I was concerned that the paper wouldn't be accepted as it varied from the format Diane had outlined. I went with my gut and wrote a review based paper on Carotid Artery Ultrasound Measurement.  To my delight, the paper was not only adequate, but I received an "A" and finished the assignment early.  Diane's comment was that the paper had a very ISU, Dan Hobbs feel to it with careful attention paid to the details of presentation.  I suppose that means I owe you for helping with 2 successful research papers!

 I need to stop by for a visit sometime.  I'm hearing great things about the program and new adjunct faculty. -Anton Nelson


October 11, 2011

Thank you so much Dan! I really appreciate the time you took to write this letter of reference and all the good things you had to say. It was quite humbling. In case you didn't know, I really appreciate your teaching style and interactions with me. You made it easy to learn. -Mike Hotrum


May 10, 2010

I loved the course content in the pathology class that Wendy taught. it was so interesting. Her enthusiasm for the topic was contagious. I especially liked all of the interesting cases and diseases that we saw. She brings real life experiences to the class and always have interesting cases to share.

Thank you for all of the interesting pathology; you are an awesome teacher. I can honestly say that class was never boring and that you truly care for us. I appreciate the way you explain concepts in an easy to understand manner. This truly has been an interesting and thought provoking class. It is one of the classes that I couldn't wait to attend. Thank you Wendy!



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