Radiographic Sciences


Here you will find the links concerning the curriculum.

Complete Curriculum in a Program Brochure(PDF) format
The Program Brochure suggests classes to take during the first few semesters in radiographic sciences; you may very well find other helpful suggestions. This brochure lists the entire curriculum in an easy to see format. Courses that meet University goals 1-12, which are the general education requirements, can be substituted with other classes in the same goal. Preprofessional years I and II courses can be taken in any sequence. The goal is to complete all of the courses in preprofessional years I and II prior to applying to the program. This gives the applicant the best chance of being accepted the first time applying.

Courses in the Professional Curriculum with Student Learning Outcomes
Once the student is accepted into the program the professional component is five semesters in length. This link provides descriptions of those courses, example syllabi, and includes learning outcomes for each course.

Radiographic Science Program Information from Undergraduate Catalog
This is an direct link to the Undergraduate Catalog. It contains an overview of the program, the application deadline, which is May 15th, and more.

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