Radiographic Sciences

Program Philosophy


Idaho State University's Radiographic Science Program was developed with the philosophy that didactic education and clinical experience, which includes "hands on” should happen together for continuity during learning. Therefore, during the entire program the student learns in the laboratory setting and applies those skills acquired in the clinical setting. This happens on a weekly basis. Furthermore, in the classroom students acquire the theoretical information necessary to perform as technologists. The next step involves laboratory experiences where the opportunity to apply technological skills is acquired by using phantoms and simulations. Students then progress and perfect their skills by working with technologists in a clinical environment. Additionally, several of the classes are taught by the Physics, Biology, and Healthcare Administration Faculties. This is atypical of most Radiographic Science programs and is a unique feature that sets the program apart from other programs. Our philosophy is students who learn from experts become experts. When graduation approaches students are ready to enter the profession confidently.


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