Rendezvous Complex

  • Rendezvous Complex
    1111 Martin Luther King Way, Stop 8032
Rendezvous Complex
Rendezvous Complex

Future Plans

Though largely complete, there is still work scheduled to be done in and around the Idaho State University Rendezvous Complex.

Third-Floor Classrooms

The top floor of the three-story classroom portion of the building is about half complete, according to Darrell Buffaloe, associate vice president of facilities services, but funding is available for additional work.

"The top floor (of the classroom portion of the building) is about 50 percent complete and we now have plans and the funding to move the Center for Teaching and Learning to the top floor," Buffaloe said. "We'll have that completed right after the first of the year, and we're putting in two Math 108 classrooms adjacent to the teaching center."

Once the Center for Teaching and Learning Center and the Math 108 classrooms are moved into the facility, about 80 percent of the top floor of the classroom portion of the complex will be occupied.


The classroom portion of Rendezvous includes a 250-seat lecture hall with a domed planetarium. This multistory room will function only as a lecture hall until a donor for an approximately $2 million planetarium projection system can be found.

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