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The International Experience

constitutes Vol. 40 No. 2 of Rendezvous

These essays explore aspects of language, culture and personal enrichment through the international experience, and also explore the role of institutions which foster and fund this kind of experience in the United States, namely the Fulbright Program and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Although the essays contained here include many points of view, from scholars to students and other travelers, all agree that North American scholars and professors have an obligation to study and travel abroad if for no other reason than to teach and encourage students, which is the group that potentially benefits the most from cultural exchange and the international experience. The first group of essays treats the international experience broadly, and several react to an article published by Ben Feinberg in The Chronicle of Higher Education questioning what students actually learn from study abroad experiences. The second group of essays is more specific in its treatment of the international experience as it relates participants' experience in the NEH Seminar "Oaxaca: Continent at a Crossroads" during the month of July in Oaxaca, Mexico, and also to the importance of speaking another language. The third group of essays belongs to the travelogue genre, and merges the experiences of all three groups in a creative way.

Special thanks to Kathy Whisman for typesetting and to Marge Nickisch for proofing the text.

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