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George Schaller, PhD Honorary Board Member

George Schaller, PhD is recognized as the world's preeminent field biologist and conservationist, studying wildlife for over 50 years throughout Africa, Asia and South America. He is a senior conservationist at the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society.
(listed alphabetically)
John Bindernagel, PhD John Bindernagel, PhD
Courtenay, BC, Canada
Todd Disotell, PhD Todd Disotell, PhD
New York University New York, NY
Colin Groves, PhD Colin Groves, PhD
Australian National University
Canberra, Australia
Chris Loether, PhD Chris Loether, PhD
Idaho Sate University
Pocatello, ID
Jeffrey McNeely, PhD Jeffrey McNeely, PhD
Chief Scientist IUCN - World Conservation Union
Gland, Switzerland
Lyn Miles, PhD Lyn Miles, PhD
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
John Mionczynski John Mionczynski
Wildlife Consultant
Atlantic City, WY
Anna Nekaris, PhD Anna Nekaris, PhD
Oxford Brooks University
Oxford, England
Ian Redmond, OBE Ian Redmond, OBE
Conservation Consultant
Manchester, England
Esteban Sarmiento, PhD Esteban Sarmiento, PhD
Human Evolution Foundation
East Brunswick, NJ
Zhou Guoxing, PhD Zhou Guoxing, PhD
Beijing Museum of Natural History
Beijing, China


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