How to Check & Accept Your Scholarships

Note: Scholarships CANNOT be "accepted" in BengalWeb

Accepting Scholarships by Mail:

If you are "offered" a scholarship, an acceptance form will be mailed to your address provided in BengalWeb. An email may also be sent to your ISU email address. Thank you letters may also be requested. Letters (if required) and acceptance form(s) must be sent/submitted to the Scholarship Office in order for your scholarships to disburse. If you are offered an award, detailed instructions will be provided in your "official" offer letter (mailed) or ISU email.

If you are required to write a thank you letter, please take your time in writing these letters and follow the “Thank You Guidelines”. These letters are very valuable and appreciated by our donors. Please note, some scholarships do not require an “Acceptance Form” and will automatically be accepted. Visit: Guidelines for Writing Thank You Letters

Accepting Scholarships in BOSS:

An email will be sent to your ISU email address if an award has been offered, requiring you accept the scholarship(s) through the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS). Read the instruction given in the email, click on the link provided and log into BOSS. Scroll to the "Needs Attention" area on the main page. Click on the scholarship and follow instruction to accept/decline the award.

If a Thank You Letter or any additional information is required, a post-acceptance email will be sent to you. Click on the link provided and follow the instructions.

View Scholarship Offers and Status in BengalWeb:

On this link you will see all Federal and Scholarship Aid once it is awarded.

The status column will indicate if you have "Accepted" the scholarship OR if it is still in "Offered" status.

If your scholarship is still in "Offered" status, you may need to complete an "Acceptance Form" and/or "Thank You Letter", or endorse a check (for outside scholarships) in order for your award to change to "Accepted" status in BengalWeb. Please contact the Scholarship Office if you should have further questions about your award.


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