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Scholarship Information - New Freshmen

Application Deadline

As a New Incoming (First Time) freshman, you will be considered for the many scholarships that ISU has to offer as long as you meet the following Application Deadline with all required documents.

February 15th (Fall start)
November 1st (Spring start)

Please refer to the ** below on what constitutes a New Incoming (First Time) student.

Required Documents:

    The following Admissions documents must be received by or postmarked by
    February 15th (Fall start)/November 1st (Spring start).
  1. The student must have completed the Application for Admission with the ISU Admissions Office. This includes a paid admission application fee.
  2. Submit to Admissions Office the official high school transcript (6 to 7 semester transcript will be sufficient for scholarship consideration).
    • Students will need to have a final transcript sent to the Admissions Office upon High School graduation for completion of the admissions process.
  3. Submit to Admissions Office the ACT or SAT scores by the deadline.

Idaho Resident OR Non-Resident?

New Incoming First Time Idaho Residents and Graduates of Idaho High School (or equivalent) ONLY
Note - Must be an Idaho Resident and Graduate of Idaho High School (or equivalent)

Important Note: ACT used in the awarding index is your ACT Composite. SAT used in the awarding index is your Critical Reading + Math Score ONLY (writing is excluded).

New for Fall 2016. Step Ahead Scholarship Program (SASP). An additional $1,000 scholarship for new incoming first-time Idaho Resident students who graduated from an Idaho High School (or equivalent) and have taken college credits while in High School. Note: See SASP for further eligibility information.

New Incoming First Time Non-Idaho Residents - Please refer to the
Non-Resident Waivers and Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE).

**A "New Incoming (First Time) freshman" is a student who has NEVER attended another Institution of Higher Education post High School. Your "Application for Admission" to the university serves as your "scholarship application" for these scholarships. (Also see Additional Scholarships)

Note: New Incoming (First Time) freshman who were home schooled or received their GED in the state of Idaho will be reviewed separately for Freshman Scholarships as long as a student is fully admitted by the February 15th Application deadline and has an ACT/SAT score on record.

How are Scholarships determined?

Your eligibility for incoming freshman scholarships will be based on your ranking among other applicants in the pool. To rank you, we consider your high school GPA (unweighted) and your ACT or SAT score. Note: ISU takes the highest ACT (Composite score) or SAT (Critical Reading plus Math score) that is in the ISU system by February 15th (on the same test date). Some scholarships are based on specific majors and some will require the recipient to have resided in Idaho for at least three years or be from a certain county in Idaho. We also have some incoming freshman awards that are based on leadership, talent and extracurricular involvement. We will look at all of these criteria when we consider you for our incoming freshman scholarships.

Note: Renewable Freshman Scholarships are for Undergraduate Studies only.

Some scholarship awarding is based on demonstrated financial need. To be considered for any need-based awards, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate year. We encourage students to submit the FAFSA as soon as possible. The FAFSA is available online at http://www.fafsa.gov. If you need assistance with the FAFSA.gov, please contact the ISU Financial Aid Office at (208) 282-2756.

Additional Scholarships

There may be additional incoming freshmen scholarships which require a separate application. For more information, please visit BOSS.

NO Log-In Access to BOSS?

For High School Counselors or others who would like to view a list of available scholarship opportunities but DO NOT have BOSS log-in capabilities, please visit: https://isu.academicworks.com.


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