Scholarships — Sciences and Engineering

Any Major Magleby, Eugene H. - Awarded to any students with a major within the College of Science & Engineering. Must be full-time and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 (undergraduate) or 3.0 (graduate). Financial need is required. Must be an Idaho Resident.
Biology Biological Sciences - One or more scholarships awarded annually to students majoring in Biology who demonstrate motivation, leadership, & academic potential. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA required.
Biology Fichter, Edson, Endowment In Wildlife Ecology - Annual award to a student currently enrolled in the ISU Department of Biological Sciences. 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA required. Preference given to students interested in wildlife ecology.
Biology Keller, Dr. Barry L., Memorial - Award to a graduate student enrolled in the ISU Department of Biological Sciences. Recipients of this award shall be involved in the study of ecology, environmental sciences, or field biology. Award based upon academic merit.
Physics or Engineering,
Junior or Senior
Heath, Dr. Russell, Memorial - Scholarship awarded to a student majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Engineering. Preference will be given to Juniors or Seniors. Must maintain a 3.5 minimum GPA. Requires a 3-5 page essay discussing your views on the responsibilities of scientists to the wider societies/communities in which they live.
Chemistry Chemistry Alumni - One or more scholarships awarded annually to students majoring in Chemistry.
Chemistry OSTBY - One scholarship awarded to a Junior or Senior student majoring in Chemistry.
Chemistry Pattie, Glen R., Family - Annual award to Junior or higher Chemistry majors.
National Science Foundation (NSF) S-Stem - Students must be pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, or combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Chemistry and/or Biochemistry. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. Must demonstrate financial need. Preference will be given to those students whose goal upon graduation is to work in the chemical or biochemical sciences or to attend a chemistry-related graduate program (Please note: health professional programs, such as pharmacy, medical, or dental school, are not eligible). An essay describing why you want to study chemistry at ISU and ultimately pursue a career in chemistry or biochemistry is required.
Ecology Strahan, Albert Burch, Memorial - Scholarships offered to Juniors or Seniors majoring in Ecology, Wildlife, or Stream-Ecology. Recipients must be Idaho residents.
Related Engineering Majors
Eastern Idaho Council on Industry and Energy - One scholarship awarded to Juniors or Seniors from Southeastern Idaho who are enrolled in an energy related Engineering program. Consideration given to students co-curricular activities and financial need.
Engineering Majors Deus, Richard C., Trust - Awarded annually to majors within the College of Engineering.
Engineering Majors Gough, A. C.,/Sonnenkalb - One or more full-fee scholarships awarded annually to Engineering majors with a class level above Freshman.
Engineering Majors Owens/Camara - Candidates must have declared a major in the College of Engineering, with first preference going to those in either Nuclear or Electrical Engineering. Recipients must be American citizens and must have maintained a cumulative 2.5 GPA or greater. Second preference is given to veterans who have been honorably discharged, or student with current military servicer records.
Engineering Majors Puttaparthy, Rangamma,/Charyulu, V.P.T. "HARY", Memorial - Preference given to a Junior or Senior female that demonstrates financial need and academic ability.
Engineering Majors Roberts, Paul & Marion - Annual award to Engineering majors who demonstrate financial need, motivation, academic ability, & leadership & potential. Must be a U.S. citizen & an Idaho resident. Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA required. .
Engineering Majors Schmunk, Dr. Richard E., Memorial - Annual award to a Junior level Engineering major with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA. Preference given to an Idaho resident. .
Engineering Majors Smedley, Dr. Weston B. - Scholarship awarded to a Senior student in the College of Engineering with preference to those enrolled in the Civil Engineering curriculum or who are taking senior sequences in Structures and/or Geotechnics.
Engineering Majors Smith, Dr. Mervin L., Memorial - Scholarship awarded to a Junior or Senior student in the College of Engineering with a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA.
Engineering Majors Thompson, Bob, Memorial - Annual award to an undergraduate Engineering major who will be a least a Junior at the time of the award. Outside selection.
Engineering, Biological or
Physical Sciences,
or Business Majors
Volker, John A. - Scholarships available to Junior or Senior students with minimum cumulative GPAs between 2.5 - 3.5 who are employed or show a high level of involvement in community or campus organization/service. Financial need is also required.
Engineering, Nuclear Horan, John R., Memorial - Awarded annually to a full-time student majoring in Nuclear Engineering with a minimum 3.0 cumulative gpa.
Engineering, Nuclear Stephens, Alan, Nuclear Engineering - Awarded to students from Bonneville county who are graduate students (preferably a PhD Student) or former varsity athletes at Idaho State University with a demonstrated long-term commitment to Nuclear Engineering. Requires a post baccalaureate GPA of 3.5.
Geology Isotoff, Andrei L., Memorial - Scholarships awarded annually to Geology majors.
Geology Reid, Ted V., Memorial - Awarded to Geology majors, who are non-traditional students with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.
Geology Sargent, Shirley, Memorial - Annual award for Geology majors who demonstrate motivation, & academic achievement, & leadership potential. Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA required.
Geology Sherwood, Thomas R., Memorial - Annual award for Geology majors who demonstrate financial need. Preference to non-traditional students who are Idaho residents.
Horan, John R., Memorial - Awarded annually to a full-time student majoring in Health Physics with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.
Math Girse, Robert D., Memorial - Annual scholarship awarded to a student with an interest & aptitude in the study of Mathematics.
Math Jeppesen, David and Stacy, Mathematics - Two $750 scholarships awarded in the Fall semester to full-time students with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Financial need is required.
Natural Science, or Pre-Med Majors,
Junior or Senior

Goldwater, Barry - Approximately 300 scholarships (a maximum of $7,500 per year, per student, for up to two years) are awarded to Sophomores or Juniors in the upper fourth of their class. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA required. Recipient must be U.S. citizen, resident alien, or a U.S. national. Must be enrolled in an undergraduate field of study that will lead to a career in math, natural sciences or eligible engineering discipline. Pre-med students planning a research career rather than private practice are eligible. Opens for application in October. For detailed information see... or please check with ISU representative (Dr. Joshua Pack;; 208-282-2612).

Engineering or
Computer Sciences Majors
Rounds, A.D. & Irene S. - Recipients need to demonstrate financial need and have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. Awards will alternate between Pharmacy and Engineering or Computer Science.
Physics Meadows Memorial - Awarded annually to a student majoring or planning to major in Physics who demonstrates motivation & academic potential. U.S. citizenship required.


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