Scholarship Basics

Idaho State University is a comprehensive university that offers scholarships to help you finance your education. Many students compete for scholarships which are awarded based on merit and/or financial need.

Incoming Student Scholarships:
Most ISU scholarships for incoming students (entering freshmen and transfer students) are administered by the ISU Scholarship Office. These scholarships are awarded based on a student's academic performance in high school or at their previous college or university. A student’s Admission Application is required by the deadline. No additional applications are needed for this automatic consideration. Please visit: and click on your appropriate status as a new incoming student (Freshmen, Transfer or International).

Scholarships Administered by the Scholarship Office:

Visit “Apply for Scholarships” for information about applying for scholarships and scholarship application deadlines.

BOSS (Bengal Online Scholarship System) is the main system for scholarships announced through the Scholarship Office.

Be sure to focus your time on the scholarships “recommended” to you after completing the BOSS General Application. Also be sure to visit the “Ours” section (for all currently listed opportunities) & “External” section (outside and various departmental opportunities) listed under the “Opportunities Tab”

NOTE: Not all ISU scholarships are announced through the BOSS system. Be sure to also do the following:

View the Scholarship Power Point

Types of Scholarships


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