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Youth Development Center (YDC)

The YDC is a day treatment center for high-risk juvenile offenders in Bannock County operated by the Intensive Supervision Unit of Juvenile Probation. Their mission is to reduce recidivism by:

  • Holding youth accountable for their actions
  • Developing skills in education and pre-vocational areas
  • Ensuring protection of the community through probation monitoring
  • Addressing areas of special needs through a therapeutic community and community support providers
  • Reintegrating youth into their communities through community service

Interns are needed at the YDC to mentor students while studying for their GED/Diploma and to provide positive role models.

Application Requirements:
  • Application
  • Background Check

If interested, contact Jason Dye at

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Program Director

Anthony Hoskin, PhD

Department Main Office
Phone: (208) 282-2170