M.A. Program in Sociology

The MA program in Sociology at ISU was formally established in 1977. It is the only graduate program in Sociology in Idaho. The program offers a comprehensive MA-level curriculum. The required course offerings are comparable to those that would be found in any comparable MA program in Sociology. The curriculum requires 33 credits, comprehensive exams, and a thesis. Faculty offers expertise in criminology, environmental sociology, medical sociology, religion, social diversity, sexuality, gender studies, leisure and deviance, family sociology, quantitative and qualitative research methods, gerontology, community, social theory, media sociology, sociology of sport, and social psychology. Students work closely with faculty on research and teaching.

The program requirements consist of 33 credits, comprehensive exams, and the completion of a thesis. Visit this link to find out more about the Graduate Course Plan

For more information, contact Dr. Gesine Hearn at heargesi@isu.edu.

Graduate Program Director
Gesine Hearn, PhD
Office: Kegel Liberal Arts 306
Phone: (208) 282-4947


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209