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Graduate Course Plan

The program requires students to take a minimum of 33 credits. 15 - 18 of those credits are required courses; 15 credits are electives. A minimum of 15 of the 33 credits must be 6600 level courses.

In addition to the required and elective courses, students must pass a written comprehensive examination, defend their thesis prospectus and final thesis, and complete a master thesis.

All courses are either 5500 or 6600 level courses in sociology, or other graduate courses approved by the sociology graduate director.

Required Courses
Course NumberTitle
SOC 5502Proseminar
SOC 5508Advanced Statistics
SOC 6600Comparative Theories
SOC 6603Topics in Social Science Research Methods
SOC 6650Thesis
Course NumberTitle
SOC 6601Selected Theories (e.g. Goffman)
SOC 6605Social Organizations (e.g. The Hospital)
SOC 6607Global Racial Formations
SOC 6615Social Institutions (e.g. History of Social Institutions; Medicine and Society)
SOC 6620Philosophy of Social Science
SOC 6613Social Behavior
SOC 6621Interdisciplinary Topics (e.g. Buddist Sociology, War)
SOC 5531Criminology
SOC 5562Power, Class, and Prestige
SOC 5567Community Networking
SOC 5591/5599Topics (e.g. Elite Crime, Family and TV, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Sport)

See the Graduate Catalog for course details.

For questions about the Program of Study, Theses, Petitions, Examinations, or Graduation, please contact Gesine Hearn, 208-282-4947.