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Suggested Graduate Program of Study

Fall Semester Year 1
Course NumberTitle
SOC 5502Proseminar*
SOC 5508Advanced Statistics*
SOC 6600Comparative Theories*
SOC 5513Mind, Self, and Society or SOC 591 Elite Deviance
Spring Semester Year 1
Course NumberTitle
SOC 6615Social Institutions
SOC 6603Social Science Research Methods*
SOC 6621Interdisciplinary Topics
SOC 5531Criminology or SOC 567 Community Networking
Summer Semester Year 1
Course NumberTitle
SOC 6649Independent Studies
Written Comprehensive Exams in August
Fall Semester Year 2 - Thesis Proposal Presentation during the fall semester
Course NumberTitle
SOC 6650Thesis*
SOC 6601Selected Theories
SOC 6607Global Racial Formations or SOC 6605 Social Organizations
SOC 5591Environmental Sociology or SOC 5591 Families and TV
Spring Semester Year 2
Course NumberTitle
SOC 6613Social Behavior or SOC 6620 Philosophy of Social Science
SOC 6615Social Institutions
SOC 6650Thesis*
Oral Defense of the Completed Thesis at the end of the spring semester

*required courses: 18 credits

  • A minimum of 33 credits are required for graduation
  • At least 15 of the 33 credits have to be 600-level courses