Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is a Kappa Sigma anything like what

      is portrayed in the movies?

A: No, we hold ourselves above what is

    portrayed in movies. academics is held

    as a main goal as is philanthropy and

    community service.


Q: Does Kappa Sigma Haze?

A: No, we take a strong stance against



Q: Isn't a fraternity like paying for


A:  No. There is a monthly fee, but it is 

     very low and most of it comes back

     to pay for things you do.


Q: What does Kappa Sigma do for me?

A: Besides everything listed to the left,

    becoming a Kappa Sigma gives you

    opportunities and service not available

    to non-kappasigma. By becoming a

    Kappa Sigma you become associated  

    with not only the top fraternity and

    club on campus, but also the top

    fraternity in North America

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