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Graduate Student Association
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The purpose of the Graduate Student Council of Idaho State University is to support the Graduate School and Graduate Education in:
  1. Recruiting graduate students;
  2. Welcoming new graduate students to campus;
  3. Mentoring and serving as role models for new graduate students;
  4. Promoting academic persistence and degree completion among graduate students;
  5. Encouraging graduate student networking opportunities;
  6. Encouraging discussion and debate of issues affecting graduate students;
  7. Promoting and encouraging graduate student research;
  8. Raising awareness of graduate student needs to ASISU and others;
  9. Encouraging creativity and engagement in and among graduate students at loval, national and international levels;
  10. Recognizing outstanding accomplishments of graduate students;
  11. Acknowledging individuals and groups who provide extraordinary support to graduate students and/or to the Graduate Student Council;
  12. Promoting an intellectually stimulating atmosphere for graduate students.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209