Judo Class Information

Idaho State University is one of the few in the USA that offers regular for-credit Judo classes.  Three levels are offered: Beginning Judo, Judo for Women, Intermediate Judo, and Advanced Judo.  Each of these is a 1 credit hour course in the I.S.U. Department of Sport Science, Physical Education, and Dance.

PEAC 143A Beginning Judo 1 credit. Fundamental principles and philosophies of judo, including the techniques of grappling, throwing and falling.

PEAC 143B Intermediate Judo 1 credit. A continuation of fundamental judo skills and philosophies for intermediate skilled students, including basics of some advanced skills.

PEAC 143C Advanced Judo 1 credit. A refinement of fundamental judo skills and philosophies for advanced skilled students, including advanced techniques of throwing, grappling, and falling.

PEAC 143A 05 Judo for Women 1 credit.  Beginning women taught by women for women.