Kenichiro (Ken) Agemizu

Coach ISU Judo Club
Rank: Sandan
Years in Judo: 22
Coach Certification: Masters Degree PE, Judo/Budo specialization, Tokai
University, Tokyo Japan
Favorite Techniques: Uchi Mata, Ouchi Gari, Tai Otoshi

All Japan High School Champion
All Japan Collegiate Judo Champion
Captain Tokai University Judo Team 1996
Member Tokai University Judo Team 1995
Heavyweight Coach Tokai University Judo Team 1998-2002

Mr. Agemizu is from Kyushu, the southernmost large island of Japan. He began Judo at an early age, and was coached by his father who is a PE instructor and Judo coach. He attended Tokai University High School, and was then recruited to the Judo team at Tokai University, where he received instruction from N. Sato and Y. Yamashita. Mr. Agemizu will be at I.S.U. for two years, and will work towards earning a doctorate in education.

Mr. Agemizu has returned to Tokai University in Japan. He is the ISU liason to Tokai.