L.E. & Thelma E. Stephens
Performing Arts Center

  • 1002 Sam Nixon Ave.
    Building 88,
    Pocatello, ID 83209.
Stephens Center
Floor Plan

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The main performance venues in the Performing Arts Center include the Jensen Grand Concert Hall, Bistline Theatre, Rogers Theatre, and Marshall Rotunda. A number of nonperformance areas in the Stephens Performing Arts Center are named for donors who gave generously to support the center's construction. Others are named for theatre and film professionals.

Patrons enter the center on the Dr. William L. and Doris Weaver Brydon Mezzanine of the Marshall Rotunda. The Jensen Grand Concert Hall is reached via the Michael C. and Maureen L. Ruettgers Promenade and the Arlo D. and Jackie Luke Promenade. To reach the Bistline Theatre, patrons follow the Samuel Horne Bennion Promenade. The David A. Thomas Set Design Shop provides Theatre/Dance ISU with advanced tools for creating scenes and props, while the Kathryn Grayson Costume Design Studio accommodates artistic expression in that component of live performance. The John C. Foreman Green Room provides a quiet place where performers can await their moment in the spotlight. The J.R. Simplot Company Conference Room provides meeting space that augments Theatre/Dance ISU's classrooms and offices.