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FYT Peer Instructors

You took ACAD 1104. Now you want to do more. Become a Peer Instructor to enhance your leadership skills, get a feel for teaching, and help new students with what you have learned.

Being a Peer Instructor is a unique opportunity, allowing you to CONNECT TODAY with: other students, faculty members, and campus resources. This experience can help you evaluate your academic goals and develop a more focused direction for your future.


Build Resume Skills - Develop Leadership Skills Have a Voice on Campus - Help New Students

Applications are due: Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

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ACAD 2220 - Peer Instruction Seminar, 2 cr.

(Can be repeated for up to 4 credits)

Peer Instruction Seminar assists peer instructors who will plan the syllabus and collaborate with their faculty/staff teaching partners in co-instructing one section of First Year Transition or ACAD 1104. Students will explore their responsibilities as role models, student advisors/consultants, teachers, learners, and students. Peer Instructors take the lead role in the implementation of service-learning within their assigned ACAD 1104 section.

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