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College Learning Strategies

The College Learning Strategies program provides a variety of services to support student education and increases the probability of student success. The program offers one-credit courses, individual tutoring, workshops, and handouts.


Learning Strategy Tutoring:

Individual appointments are available for students who want to develop strategies to improve learning in their current courses. Concerns that can be addressed include: textbook reading, class note taking, time management, test taking, and memory.


Specific learning strategy topics may be presented in a workshop format to university classes, campus organizations or groups, and at residence halls. The workshop topics may include but are not limited to: Time management, Note taking Reading Strategies, Test Taking, and Reducing Test Anxiety. Faculty and student requests for workshops can be arranged by contacting the Student Success Center.

Learning Strategies Handouts:

Handouts provide information on a variety of topics related to learning. Topics include:

Click here to download a PDF versions of the handouts.


ACAD 1101 - College Learning Strategies (1 credit)

College Learning Strategies is designed to address strategies that are relevant to doing well in college. The eight weeks course is offered both in the Fall and Spring semesters and is available during early or late eight weeks sessions. The course offers the student a variety of methods to take better notes in class, understand learning styles, read textbooks with a purpose, use time effectively, develop memory skills, and expand test-taking abilities. These strategies can help students improve their learning and confidence in college classes.

ACAD 1103 - College Learning Strategies for Mathematics (1 credit)

College Learning Strategies for Math (ACAD 1103) is offered for students to take with a mathematics course. Students directly apply the strategies to their mathematics. This course is especially helpful to students with significant math anxiety.

This course's topics include:

Concurrent registration in a mathematics course is required. This course is offered the first eight weeks of Fall and Spring terms.

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