Student Success Center

Vision: Seeing You Through


The Student Success Center (SSC) provides services and programs that are essential to the academic and intellectual development of students at Idaho State University.  The SSC encourages students to realize their potential as prepared, responsible, and self-actualized members of an increasingly complex, diverse, and global society.

The SSC offers a variety of resources for students.  Academic Programs provide a foundation for learning and academic success. Central Academic Advising assists students in making academic decisions, and Disability Services assists student with documented disabilities.  Native American Student Services advocates for and guides Native American students, TRiO Student Services prepares eligible students to enroll in and successfully complete university programs, and University Tutoring supports students enrolled in academic classes.  The University Honors Program offers an enriched learning experience in an academic learning community.


Last Modified: 10/28/2014


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209