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Last Modified: 02/09/2018

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The Writing Center helps you build the skills you need for all your writing projects. We work with students writing anthropology papers, biology lab reports, marketing plans--even scholarship applications. We can help you talk through your project's ideas and organization; we can help you find patterns in your errors and learn ways to fix them. Whether you're a first-year student writing a personal essay or a doctoral student working on a dissertation, we can provide the "second pair of eyes" that every good writer wants.

What kind of appointment works best for you?

  • Face-to-face. Make a face-to-face appointment with one of our tutors in Pocatello or Idaho Falls by selecting any available slot in the appointment book for the campus you want.

  • Online Chat. Make an online chat or audio/visual appointment from anywhere by selecting an open "online tutor" slot in either of our appointment books.

  • Written feedback. Get written comments on your draft within two working days by making an appointment with the "48-hour Tutor" in the Pocatello appointment book.

Appointment Policies

Hours and Locations


Idaho Falls


Mon.-Thurs 9:00-7:00

Fridays 9:00 - 2:00


Mon. 9:00-7:00

Tues. 9:00-2:00 and 3:30-5:00

Weds.10:00-2:30 & 3:30-7:00

Thurs 9:00-2:00 and 3:30-5:00

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(208) 282 - 3662

(208) 282 - 7925


REND 323

CHE 220

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Click here or email the Writing Center to ask. On a weekday, we'll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

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Questions or concerns? Please contact University Tutoring Director Dr. Haydie LeCorbeiller.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209