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ISU's Writing Center offers online tutoring services to students who aren't able to meet face-to-face with a tutor at our Pocatello or Idaho Falls locations. The online writing tutors are the same tutors you would meet with during an in-person session. Like face-to-face tutors, online tutors do not offer proofreading or editing services. Instead, they'll work directly with you to improve all aspects of your paper.
The Writing Center is offering two kinds of online tutoring: real-time chat and 48-hour feedback.

Real-time Chat

Real-Time Chat appointments take place in a chatroom during regular tutoring hours. To make an online chat appointment, you'll go to our regular Pocatello or Idaho Falls Writing Center Appointment books and make a 1-hour appointment with one of the tutors marked as doing online tutoring. Once you've "saved" your appointment, you'll attach a draft of your paper and (if possible) a copy of the teacher's assignment prompt. When it's time for the appointment, you'll go back to the appointment book and click on the session's time slot. On the screen that pops up, click "Join online session." The chatroom screen should appear and you'll meet the tutor there. To learn more about tutoring through real-time online chat, click here.

48-hour Feedback

"48-hour feedback" is an asynchronous tutoring service that we're piloting this semester: WCOnline calls it "E-tutoring." It means that you can attach a paper of up to 5 pages and one of our tutors will make electronic comments on the paper and return it to you within 48 hours of your scheduled "appointment." To learn more about tutoring through 48-hour feedback, click here.

We're glad you found us. And so long as you're online, why not check out some of our many handouts?

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