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Remember - Even if you do not plan to attend ISU College of Technology, you may be able to use up to 8 professional technical college credits to fulfill academic elective requirements at I.S.U.

Articulation Agreements

HIGH SCHOOL CLASS YOU ARE ENROLLED IN COURSE LENGTH ISU (put this class on the registration form) ISU CREDITS COST ($15/credit)
Electronics Technology II Semester ESET 0103/0104 Intro to Electronics w/lab 2 $30.00
Electronics Technology II Semester ESET 0123/0124 DC Theory w/lab 4 $60.00
Electronics Technology III Semester ESET 0125/0126 AC Theory w/lab 6 $90.00
Successful Completion (75% or higher) of ISU Electronics Articulation Test (Bypass 1st Semester of Core Curriculum) (ESET 0103/0103L)
(ESET 0104/0104L)
(ESET 0105/0105L)
ESET 0106
*The above courses are also equivalent to the 1st semester core of the Robotics and Communication Systems Engineering Technology program.
  • RCET 0141 – Applied Mathematics 1 – 0141 – Applied Mathematics 1-4 cr
  • RCET 0153- Electronics Theory – 5 cr
  • RCET 0155- Electronics Lab- 5 cr

Transcripted ISU Credits may be transferred to other colleges or universities.
Please check with the receiving college to see if credits will fulfill requirements in your specific major.
Please check with your school counselor or instructor to verify the availability of these classes.

Articulation Agreements
School Year Course
2013-2014 Electronics Technology


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