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Bengal Pride Week

  • Prizes! Prizes!
  • More Prizes More Prizes
  • Lesa Wagner Lesa Wagner Assistant Director
  • Angela Walker Angela Walker Elementary Education Student
  • Kurtis Moser Kurtis Moser Video Instructional Manager/Tech Support ITS
  • Heidi Hersey Heidi Hersey Office Specialist II: Twin Falls Teacher Education Program
  • Dr. Fay Kelle Dr. Fay Kelle Assistant Professor of Education, Twin Falls Teacher Education Program Coordinator
  • Stephaie and Jase Clark Stephaie and Jase Clark
  • Stephanie Clark and Dawn Jensen Stephanie Clark and Dawn Jensen
  • Gail Gail
  • Maggie Siepel Maggie Siepel Administrative Assistant II

It's Orange and Black for 5 solid days!!

ISU Twin Falls Student Services hosted Bengal Pride Week, April 9-13. All current students were provided t-shirts and snacks. We also raffle off some fun Bengal gift baskets.

Registration for Fall 2012 began the following week and we want to encourage our students to utilize our support services before they registered.

Additional tickets were given for:

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