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current as of 05/02/11

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Academic Resources (for employees). Links to key websites and tools.

Advisor Tools (for advisors). Search the ISU class schedule; grant registration overrides; view advisee list and look up student information; access full menu of course management and advising tools. Faculty Tools and Staff Tools versions of channel also available. Links may vary according to role. More information…

Approval Alerts (for employees). This channel will notify you if you have any documents waiting for your approval and provide a link to those documents so you can quickly access them. More information…

Argos Reports (for employees). See Reports @ ISU (Argos).

Banner Self-Service. An alternative way of accessing the various Self-Serve features that may be available to individuals through Banner (the University's administrative computing system) according to their roles, including Personal Information, Student Information, Employee Information, and Finance. Not recommended. Using the channels provided in BengalWeb provides easier access.

BBC News. Provides links to news stories from the BBC. Click on the story heading to pull up the full story.

Be Advised! Provides many links to help students make good academic decisions, including links to Academic Catalogs (Historical Course Catalog), the General Education Worksheets, and even a GPA Calculator.

Bengal Movies. What's playing on campus this week? This channel displays slides of posters for upcoming films. Includes show times, too.

Bookmarks. See My Bookmarks.

Bookmarks Plus. Allows ISU to set up bookmarks for all users, which only ISU can change, in addition to allowing users to add their own bookmarks to the list. Also allows users to set up a different bookmark channel on each tab, with separate links in each.

Campus Announcements. Provides the first few lines of recent announcements sent to all campus users. Click on any campus announcement to view the expanded page of all campus announcements. Items in Campus Announcements are removed from the list when they expire.

Campus Events. Look here for a variety of links to answer the popular question "What should we do tonight?" Find links to movies, games, crafts, concerts, and much more.

Campus Recreation and Reed Gym. Lots of ways to keep fit and have fun! Find out about the many activities available through Campus Recreation.

Campus Services. Connections to important campus services such as transportation, dining, the Early Learning Center, and Counseling and Testing.

Campus Work Orders (for employees). Place a work order with Facilities, IT Operations, or Networking & Telecommunications (NeTel).

CNN News. Provides a link to the homepage for CNN News.

Colleges and Departments. Every college at ISU has a link in this channel — just click to go directly to its website.

Contact Purchasing (for employees). Provides links to all personnel in the Purchasing Department.

Costs. Explains the various costs of attending ISU, from the obvious (tuition) to the less obvious (parking).

Dine on Campus (for students). This channel provides information from Chartwells, including locations, events, coupons, and more.

Directories & Frequently Called Numbers. Links to directories; also provides frequently called numbers and links to corresponding websites.

Employment Details (for employees). Provides links to various employment details: Benefits, Direct deposit, Pay stub, Job details, Leave details, Tax forms. The Employee Directory link is currently unavailable. More information…

ESPN News. Provides a link to the homepage for ESPN News.

Facebook. Provides a link to Facebook, where you can log in to a personal Facebook page. After logging in, the channel will display basic Facebook information, such as messages and pending friend requests, etc.  Join ISU on Facebook.  Search for Idaho State University and click the Like button.

Faculty and Advisor Alerts (for faculty and advisors). Look here for important instructions for using new features as they are released, and other critical information about BengalWeb. More information…

Faculty Grade Assignment (for faculty). Online grading tool. Available only to instructors of assigned courses. More information…

Faculty Schedule. (for faculty). See daily or weekly schedule. More information…

Faculty Section Assignments (for faculty). See detailed information about assigned sections assigned; view, save, and print class rosters; manage enrollment with online waitlists; add optional syllabus information and office hours; email class. More information…

Faculty Tools (for faculty). Search the ISU class schedule; grant registration overrides; view advisee list and look up student information; access full menu of course management and advising tools. Advisor Tools and Staff Tools versions of channel also available. Links may vary according to role. More information…

Finance Alerts (for students). Look here for important announcements, reminders, and instructions about your finances.

Finance Forms (for employees). Provides access to all the Finance forms various areas on campus may need to use.

Finance Information (for employees). Features links to various information needed to manage accounts, including checking budget and expenditure information, looking up commodity and account codes, and even accessing Internet Native Banner (INB — by permission only). More information…

Financial Advisor (for employees). Provides a quick way to check on the accounts an individual may have access to view. Click on the edit button to enter the information for accounts, and then the bar graph will show the account status. Click on the number in the legend column to go directly to a Budget Lookup screen for more information. If account information cannot be accessed, contact the Finance Department for assistance. More information…

Financial Aid (for students). Features links to assorted financial aid assistance, including a link to the Federal Student Aid website.

Financial Aid Alerts (for students) Look her for important announcements, reminders, and instructions about your financial aid.

Financial Aid Requirements (for all students who have submitted a FAFSA application). This channel gives students an instant view of what's needed to complete their application. More information…

Forms (for employees). Provides links to often-used ISU forms.

FOX News. Provides a link to the homepage for FOX News.

Google Apps at ISU. Provides link to the Google Apps login page. Google Apps at ISU contains Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Groups, and Google Sites. Note: At present, you will have to sign in again to enter Google Apps, but single sign-on will be available in the future.

Governance (for employees). Provides links to the websites of ISU's governing bodies: Faculty Senate and Staff Council.

Graduation Planning. When it's finally time to graduate from ISU, students can find all the information they need right here.

Grants Alerts (for employees). This channel is provided only to those who have been awarded a grant. It simply provides a reminder of when grants will expire. More information…

Group Leader Activity Channel. Gives group leaders an at-a-glance view of new content that requires approval in their groups. Additional help for this channel is available by clicking on the help button in the channel tool bar. The chat function is not available. Find out more about BengalWeb Online Groups…

Group Studio Activity Channel. Gives group members an at-a-glance view of new information in the groups they belong to. Additional help for this channel is available by clicking on the help button in the channel tool bar. Find out more about BengalWeb Online Groups…

Help Resources. Find out how to get help when you need it: IT Service Desk; Crisis Counseling; Campus Emergencies; PSUB & Rendezvous Help.

Help with Finance & Purchasing (for employees). Learn how to approve requisitions and perform other tasks using the Self-Service Banner features provided through BengalWeb. More information…

Help with Financial Aid and Finance (for students). Provides links to the Fee Payment FAQ's and the Fee Payment Quick Guide.

Help with HR Payroll Channels (for employees). Provides links to tutorials, instructions, sample time sheets, and FAQs regarding HR Payroll issues. More information…

How to Use BengalWeb. View an Introductory Video about BengalWeb, or consult the detailed User's Guide to BengalWeb. Look here for instructions on customizing BengalWeb or setting up an online group.

Important Academic Information. Contains important announcements about academic information, such as add/drop deadlines, midterms, etc.

International Students. Provides links of special importance to ISU's many international students, including FAQ's, immigration updates, and employment opportunities.

SU Event Calendar. Just put your cursor over a date, wait a second or two, and you'll be able to see what's going on at ISU. Click on the event to show more information.

ISU Headlines. Provides a list of news items from ISU University Relations. Click on the blue headline to see a more complete story.

ISU ID. Quick access to your ISU ID is now available in BengalWeb.

Students. This channel displays your ISU ID in the upper left corner of the Academic Tools and the Finances tabs. Your ISU ID is also displayed on your Bengal Card. (Please note: that the preferred term for this number when working with ISU students and employees is ISU ID.)

Employees. This channel displays your ISU ID in the upper corner of the Employees tab.

ISU Libraries. Link to main page for each library location and list of hours.

ISU News Sources. Provides quick links to ISU news sources, including the school paper, radio station, and employee newsletter, among others.

ISU Resources (for employees). Features some of the most popular resources on campus, everything from Faculty/Staff Handbook to payroll schedule.

ISU Twitter Headlines. Displays ISU's Twitter feed containing up-to-the-minute information about what's going on around the University.

IT Service Desk. Get in touch with the IT Service Desk (sometimes called the "Help Desk") for all problems with software, hardware, or networking. You can also search their online Knowledge Base for answers to your tech questions.

Library Help. Link to "Ask a Librarian." Also helpful tutorials and other information provided by the library, including how to cite sources and FAQs.

Library News. What's going on at the library? Good question! Look here to keep up on what's going on.

Library Resources. Direct access to the library's catalog and databases, the Interlibrary Loan form, and other reference materials.

Library Services (for employees). Instructional and collection development services provided by the library.

Maps & Directions. Contains maps and directions for the ISU Pocatello campus and a link to Google maps so you can find directions for anywhere else in the world.

Moodle. Provides a direct link to Moodle. BengalWeb features single sign-on so you will not have to sign in again if you access Moodle through BengalWeb.

My Account (for students and employees). Breaks out your account balance by the term when you acquired the charges. Click on a term to see the outstanding charges for that term.

My Bookmarks. Allows you to save any links you choose. At the bottom of the channel, click on the plus sign on the left (next to the page with the bookmark), and then type in the needed information in the fields that appear. If you have a lot of links, you can organize them into folders by clicking on the folder icons (also at the bottom of the channel).

My Financial Aid (for students). Shows students all the details of their financial aid packages. In addition to reviewing awards, students may view holds, learn more about their application status and check their academic progress. Students must come here to review their awards and accept them online, or they will not be disbursed. More information …

My Statement (for students and employees). Summary of all financial transactions occurring over a given period of time.

New Student. Not just for new students! All the things new students need to know, located in one channel. Take note: Much of this information will be useful for continuing students as well.

NPR News. Provides a direct link to the NPR news home page.

Online Fee Payment. Provides links to Account Summary, Pay Now via CASHNet, Enroll in Payment Plan, and Enroll in eRefund.

Outdoor Adventure Center. ISU's Outdoor Adventure Center is one of the nation's best, providing an amazing variety of activities for adventurous spirits. Links to their most popular programs can be found in this channel.

Outdoor Adventure Rentals. Provides links to the Challenge Course, CW Hog, Outdoor Calendar and Literature, Rentals, and Yurts

Personal Announcements. Provides the first few lines of personal announcements you have recently received. Click on any of the announcements to view the expanded page with the full text of all the active announcements you have received. These announcements will be removed when they expire, or you can delete them from the expanded page.

Personal Information (for employees). Allows you to update your address, phone, email, or emergency numbers. Once updated here, changes will be updated throughout the system. More information…

Picture of the Day. Displays a new picture every day, submitted by members of the ISU community. Click on the link to submit a picture.

Planning Tools. Features links to academic and planning calendars, as well as the final exam schedule, and more.

Pocatello Weather. Provides information on the current weather as well as the weather forecast for the next week.

PSUB and Rendezvous Reservations (for employees). Allows you to make reservations with Chartwells catering or to schedule an event on campus.

Purchase Card (for employees). Everything related to P-Card management. Log in to the CCER online P-Card reconciliation system, view online tutorials, access P-Card Manual.

Purchasing Resources (for employees). Helpful resources for those purchasing anything for ISU.

Regional Centers. Links to the main webpages for each ISU regional campus: Meridian, Idaho Falls, and Twin Falls.

Registration Tools (for students). Includes links to class schedules, online registration, your personal schedule, registration information and history, and the Registrar's website. More information…

Reports @ ISU — Argos (for employees). Access Argos, ISU's reporting tool. Only those with authorization can use Argos. Also has links to instructions and where to get assistance with a report or request a new one. More information…

Requisitions (for employees). For those who have been trained to do requisitions (ReqMasters), provides links to resources to create and track those requisitions. Also provides a list of active ReqMasters.

Research. These links are of particular value to those involved with research while at ISU.

Scholarships. Important scholarship information.

Search ISU Web Pages. Allows you to search the ISU website.Enter a desired topic of interest and see what pops up from your search.

Site Map. Provides an overview of all the channels in all of your tabs. Each channel name is a link that you can click to open up that channel.

Software. Learn about software you can download, as well as ISU software purchases and discounts.

Staff Tools (for all employees who are not faculty or advisors). Search the ISU class schedule; grant registration overrides; view advisee list and look up student information; access full menu of course management and advising tools. Advisor Tools and Faculty Tools versions of channel also available. Links may vary according to role. More information…

Student Alerts. Look here for important announcements about Registration, instructions for using new features as they are released, and other critical information about using BengalWeb.

Student Employment. Job opportunities on and off campus.

Student Grades. Lists of grades by desired term.

Student Health Insurance. Important insurance information, including link to request a waiver.

Student Involvement. Features many ways student can get involved, including student government, service, or student organizations.

Student Records. Use this channel to look up your grades, update emergency contacts, or view holds (future — view transcripts here).

Student Resources. Features links to resources students can use to help them be successful at ISU, including tutoring resources, employment resources, and even information on studying abroad.

Student Right to Know. Contains links to information required under university accreditation rules, including links to graduation rates, crime reports, and student rights, as well as policy statements.

Student Services. ISU offers a number of services for students, many of which can be found in this channel. Click here for counseling, health, and disability resources, among others.

Student Work Study Balance (for all students who have submitted a FAFSA application). Displays a student's authorized award and remaining balance, along with their placement and supervisor contact information. More information…

Student Work Study Balance. Displays a students authorized award and remaining balance, along with their placement and supervisor contact information.

Suggestions. Send in a suggestion to improve BengalWeb, or a more general suggestion to improve the University overall.

Tigeri Tools (for employees). Access Banner INB. By permission only.

Tigeri Training (for employees). Learn how to use the many features of the Banner system — or look over instructions for a refresher — at Tigeri Training.

Time Approval (for employees). Allows time approvers to approve time for the employees they supervise. More information…

Time Entry Alerts (for employees). Important information for completing time sheets correctly for a particular bi-weekly payroll.

Time Reporting (for employees). Links to online time sheets. A tutorial for how to correctly perform Web Time Entry is available through the "Help with HR Payroll Channels" channel. More information…

Tutorial. Provides a channel with a list of FAQ's that came with the Luminus software that runs BengalWeb. Each blue headline provides a link to more detailed information on that topic.

University Housing. Features links to the most sought after information regarding university housing, including costs, meal plans, and even maintenance request forms.

Veteran Students. Special links that apply specifically to veterans, including a link to ISU's Veteran's Sanctuary.

Web Cam. Aimed at the quad amphitheater in front of the PSUB, this webcam is updated about every 10 minutes.

WikiHow. Random entries from the WikiHow website, where you can learn how to do darn near anything. :-)

Word of the Day. Provides a new word and definition each day, with a search function to look up other words. The content for the Word of the Day channel is provided by