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Banner 9

Banner is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application designed specifically for higher educatrion institution. Banner works as an interface that makes it easier to retrieve and add data that is stored in an Oracled database.

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Why are we upgrading?
As technology evolves, more capabilties and better experiences create more robust and sustainable sysyems.

The newest release of Banner ERP System, Banner 9, delivers a new, modern UI (user interface) and updates the technology used to develop administrative forms and the self-service tools for faculty, staff, and student's access through BengalWeb.

The benefits of Banner 9 include the following:

  • A new user interface (UI) that provides a common look and feel across Ellucian products, (e.g. Internet Native Banner [INB], and Self-Service Banner [SSb] tools found in BengalWeb).
  • Provides web based mobility across devices and locations.
  • Features modern functionality built into the application, minimizing the need for customzations.
  • Reduces the number of dependencies required to upgrade eliminating the version driven upgrades that cause operational disruptions )e.g. Financial Aid upgrades would not be as depended on Human Resources or Student Upgrades).

What is included in the upgrade?
At a high level, there are two phases to the upgrade: the Banner 9 forms transformation (updating Banner administrative functionality) and improving the Banne rself-service tools.

  • Banner administrative functionality = Banner forms used primarily by ISU staff.
  • Self-service tools = Faculty, staff, and student access to Banner data through BengalWeb

What is driving the upgrade?
Vendor mandates including:

  • Ellucian will end Banner 8 support on 12/31/18.
  • The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) landscape is changing. Ellucian is modernizing their software offerings to stay current with how faculty, staff, and students expect to interact with institutional data.

What progress has been made?
In anticipation of Banner 9, Information Technology Services (ITS) moved to new UCS hardware in March 2016 and in November 20016 BengalWeb was upgraded. ITS and the functional leads have been busy this year implementing, testing, and rolling out the following:

  • Summer 2016: ITS and functional leads bgan planning
  • Winter 2016/2017: ITS delivered proof of concepts
  • April 2017: Student Advising and Employee Profiles went live
  • May 2017ITS turned Banner 9 Administrative forms over for functional testing.
  • June 2017Prerequisite software upgrades (Banner Document Management and Banner 8) were completed.
  • July 2017Faculty Grade Entry went live.
  • September 2017Banner 9Administrative applications were upgraded to eliminate vendor defects and for continuation of functional testing.

What are the next steps?
Banner 9 will pilot in a limited number of administrative offices in October 2017. As ITS and the functional departments work to test and work with the software, ITS will continue to offer trainings for individuals participating in the pilot.

The Banner Document Management (BDM) system will upgrade to the latest version in December 2017, an announcement "Bnner Changes Coming Soon!", will be sent to all INB users. ITS will offer open labs to all INB users in December 2017 and January 2018. Then, upon successful completion of the pilot, Banner 9 will launch for all departments in January 2018.

How will this affect you?

      • This update will streamline the processes of registration, account information access, applying for Financial Aid, reviewing Financial Aid information and course schedules in a mobile friendly, multiple platform way.
      • Faculty and students will have a much better experience during advising as the information that they need will be at their fingertips with this new function.
      • Access via electronic resources will improve response time and require less paper.
      • Increased data integrity and improved analytics will provide information needed to support student success and retention.
      • Streamlines the grading process including the ability to enter grades via spreadsheet.
      • student engagement during advising will have a much better experience now that needed information will be at their fingertips with this new functionality.
      • Access via electronic resources will improve response time and require less paper.
      • More intuitive interface results in a shorter learning curve for new and occasional users.
      • Streamlines critical business processes with automation and process re-engineering.
      • Data will be easily retrievable and system response significantly improved.
      • Better visibility into course demand.
      • More information available in the "self-service" mode, such as pay, position description, benefits, leave balances and direct deposit.
      • Access via electrionic resources will improve response time and require less paper.

Where can I find instructional materials?

We have provided a central location for instruction materials. You can also contact Marjanna Hulet (x2598) to arrange training in the new system.

Q&A from Functional Staff

What happens to our data?
Nothing; the Oracle database stays the same from Banner 8 to Banner 9.

Will our existing Banner environment co-exist with the new Banner 9 environment during the transition?
Yes, the upgrade is broken into modules which will be rolled out individually. This may be a point of frustration for some, as there will be a period where some areas are running older technology, while other areas are using newer technology. In time all will be upgraded.

Are all Banner INB & SSB pages being replaced?
No, some will be completely new and offer different functionality. Others will be simply rolled into the new technology.

Are there new skills needed for staff?
Yes, ITS will need to become familiar with new technologies and functional staff may need to be trained on new processing.

Will this require a restructure of Banner security?
We do not believe it will require a complete Banner security restructure but the upgrade may introduce new fuctionality and forms that require addition security setup.