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Banner 9

Banner 9 modernizes Banner by delivering a new User Interface (UI) and updating the technology used to develop administrative forms and self-service tools which faculty, staff, and students access through BengalWeb. This upgrade will result in two key changes across Banner.

  • Improved Self-Service tools. (Drop down)
  • Banner 9 Project Report 2017
  • Banner 9 Training Calendar

  • Provides new UI
    A common look and feel across Ellucian products, e.g. Internet Native Banner (INB), and Self-Service Banner (SSB) tools (found in BengalWeb). Includes common menus, searching, and mobile device friendly offerings.

    Reduces the need for major upgrades
    Banner 9 is modular based which will allow upgrades to occur independently in the future. Minimizes the number of dependencies required to upgrade. For example, Financial Aid upgrades would not be as dependent on General or Student module upgrades.

    What is included in the upgrade?
    At a high level, there are two phases to the upgrade: Rolling out new self-service tools, and the INB forms transformation (updating Banner administrative functionality).

    • Self-service tools = Faculty, staff, and student access to Banner data through BengalWeb.
    • INB forms transformation = Banner forms used primarily by ISU staff to perform administrative duties.

    What is driving the upgrade?
    Ellucian, the Banner vendor, has mandated we make these updates.

    • Ellucian will end Banner 8 support on 12/31/18.
    • The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) landscape is changing. Ellucian is modernizing their software offerings to stay current with how faculty, staff, and students expect to interact with institutional data.

    What have we done to prepare?
    In anticipation of Banner 9, information Technology Services (ITS) moved to new servers in March 2016 and upgraded BengalWeb in November 2016.

    What are possible challenges?

    • Everything is new: Servers, technologies, functionality for faculty, staff, and students.
    • Aggressive vendor timelines might compete with institutional initiatives.
    • Timelines may shift, as we are dependent on a vendor meeting their software delivery targets.
    • Users will encounter different interfaces as we transition from the old to the new applications.
    • ITS must maintain different technologyies until the upgrade is complete.

    Where can I find instructional materials?

    We have provided a central location for instruction materials. You can also contact Marjanna Hulet (x2598) to arrange training in the new system.

    Q&A from Functional Staff

    What happens to our data?
    Nothing; the Oracle database stays the same from Banner 8 to Banner 9.

    Will our existing Banner environment co-exist with the new Banner 9 environment during the transition?
    Yes, the upgrade is broken into modules which will be rolled out individually. This may be a point of frustration for some, as there will be a period where some areas are running older technology, while other areas are using newer technology. In time all will be upgraded.

    Are all Banner INB & SSB pages being replaced?
    No, some will be completely new and offer different functionality. Others will be simply rolled into the new technology.

    Are there new skills needed for staff?
    Yes, ITS will need to become familiar with new technologies and functional staff may need to be trained on new processing.

    Will this require a restructure of Banner security?
    We do not believe it will require a complete Banner security restructure but the upgrade may introduce new fuctionality and forms that require addition security setup.