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ISU BOX Data Storage
Unlimited. Backed Up. Accessible. Safe.


Setting up your Box Account

ISU Box is our data storage solution for ISU employee use. Box gives users unlimited cloud-based storage, with the ability to share that data or keep it private. Furthermore, you can access this data from any smart device and any location.

These are accessible from the ISU-Share Folder in BOX. We have Step 1 through 8 and links to each video that is on the BOX community website.

For instructional videos, please click here. (You must first be logged into Box in order to access the videos.)

Box Edit is an app we recommend everyone set up on their computer or device. It enables you to easily edit files from Box using programs on your computer, such as Word or Excel. When you are done editing, it saves those files directly back into Box. Follow the instructions in this handout, or call our Service Desk for help (282-HELP).

Click here for an instructional video on Box Edit : Box Training Videos (You will need to log into Box first in order to view the video.)

Box for Office is an app we recommend everyone set up on their computer or device. It adds a Box Save option to any document you create in Microsoft Office products. You will create a Word document, for example, then when you go to save that document, you will see Box as one of the options. Follow the instructions in this handout or call our Service Desk for help (282-HELP).

Box allows you to share folders and documents with a wide variety of access levels, from a Co-Owner who can see and do everything you can see and do, to a Viewer, who can only look at the document. Since all the permissions can be confusing, we have a one page document that shows how each access level differs. Click HERE to download.

For help with your ISU Box account, please contact the Service Desk at
(208) 282-HELP (4357)