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ISU Box; Shipping your content to you

Idaho State University Box is designed to be secure, scalable, and user-friendly online content sharing. Box allows you access to 25GB of personal storage and all Shares you are a member of, so it can be accessed, managed, and shared from anywhere. Access ISU Box on mobile devices or seamlessly sync files to your computer.

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These are accessible from the ISU-Share Folder in BOX. We have Step 1 through 8 and links to each video that is on the BOX community website.

Box Edit lets you easily edit files on Box using the native applications installed on your computer. If you can edit it on your desktop, you can edit it on Box! Just click the 'Open' button in the file preview page to open any file directly from Box.

With Box Edit, you can

  • Edit files quickly: Open a file directly from the preview page on Box, make edits onyour computer, and save it back to box without any additional steps.
  • Edit any file type: Word documents, spreadsheets, presentation, images, CAD files - you name it!

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Cascading Permission Levels

Privileges and Access Levels

For help with your ISU Box account, please contact the Service Desk at
(208) 282-HELP (4357)