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Using the ISU Class Schedule: Faculty/Advisors/Staff

Tips for Faster Searching

Faculty/Advisors/Staff: Log in to BengalWeb, and go to the Academics tab. Click on the "ISU Class Schedule" link found in the Faculty Tools channel, the Advisor Tools channel, or the Staff Tools channel (you may have one or more of these on your default layout, depending on your role).

Students: Log in to BengalWeb, and go to the Academics Tools tab. Click on the "ISU Class Schedule" link found in the Registration Tools channel.

  1. Select Term or Date Range. Select the term you wish to search, and then click Submit.

  2. Select Term
  3. Look Up Classes. Select the options for your search, and then click the Class Search button near the bottom of the screen.
    • You must select at least one Subject to begin searching. To select multiple subjects, hold down the Ctrl key, and click each of the desired subjects.
    • You may leave the other options (Course Number, Title, Schedule Type, Credit Range, Campus, Course Level, Part of Term, Instructor, Session, Attribute Type, Start Time, End Time, Days) with their default values — or you may enter specific values to narrow your search.
    • Clicking the boxes next to the Days will search for classes only on those days. Leave the boxes unchecked to receive the maximum number of results.

    Look Up
  4. Here is a sample listing found:

  5. Class Listing

    Click View Catalog Entry to see additional details about course. Click title to see Detailed Class Information, including registration availability (capacity, actual, remaining), prerequisites, general requirements, and any associated fees. Instructors may also see enrollments for the classes they teach by clicking on the links in the Faculty Section Assignments channel.

    Detailed Class Information

    Note: When students search the class schedule they see a more condensed view of results. Information for each class is displayed on a single line, as shown below:

    Sections Found
    • CRN (Course Reference Number). The number used to designate a specific class section (Index Number in the previous system). Click blue CRNs to see additional details and links to catalog information.
    • Crse (Course Number). Important: All ISU course numbers now have 4-digit identifiers. For academic courses, the first digit repeats, e.g., former English 101 is now 1101, History 201 is now 2201; for sub-100 level courses, 2 leading zeros have been added, e.g., English 90 is now 0090. For professional/ technical courses, 1 leading zero has been added, e.g., Automotive Technology 110 is now 0110.
    • Days. Note: R = Thursday
    • Cap = Capacity, Act = Actual Enrollment, Rem = Remaining Seats Available

Tips for Faster Searching

  • Define Your Search: Before searching, define your search as specifically as possible, or you will get more information than you want.
  • Use Tabs/Start Typing: Use the tab key to go from box to box. When you get to a box with a list of information (such as Instructor name), just start typing in letters to jump to the desired entry. (Or click on the box and start typing.) Another hint: Keep typing "A" to toggle through all the A's in a list, "B" to toggle through all the B's, etc.
  • Scroll Quickly: The scroll boxes for each option are small so that as many as possible can be displayed on your screen at one time. To quickly scroll through the selections in a box, grab the handle between the up and down arrows and drag it. Or use the tip above to just start typing in letters.
  • Put In What You Know: If you only know part of a Course Number or Title, just type in the subject and the part of the number or title you know, and then click Class Search. All classes containing those elements will be retrieved.
  • Select All Subjects Only If Really Necessary: If you ever need to select all subjects (for instance, if you're looking for all classes on Tuesday mornings that might fulfill a goal #1 requirement — or if you're looking for all classes taught at 8am on Monday in Idaho Falls), first define as many options in your search as specifically as possible. Then click on the Subject box. What you do in the subject box will depend on your browser and operating system. Here are some possibilities to try. Select first subject, then . . .
    • Press Ctrl+A
    • Press Shift+End
    • Scroll to end of subject list, hold down Shift key, and select last subject
    • Hold mouse button down while dragging to end of list